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The outdated Sage Abra Suite | Risks and impacts of continuing to use it |

Are you aware of the risks of using outdated Sage Abra Suite?

*** Sage Abra Suite was retired from the market in December 2020 and the product is no longer developed ***

The risks and impacts of continuing to use it continue to increase.  Some of these risk categories include:

  • Out-of-date HR compliance (EEO-1 and EEO-4, California Pay Data, Vets 4212, OSHA300, OSHA300A, and OSHA301)
  • Out-of-date Payroll compliance (E-filling, ACH submission, tax calculations, tax and liability reporting)
  • Out-of-date HR and Tax updates (W-2, 1099, 941, 940, other legislative compliance such as COVID, family leave, privacy laws, etc.)
  • Out-of-date technology updates (software bugs, with no access to Sage support, loss and damage of data caused by software failures, increased threat vulnerability

Would you like to know more?

Contact your Sage Business Partner or Sage directly, who will respond to any questions pertaining to the migration process, pricing + create a no-obligation quote for your company. You can also take a look at our, extended, information document Sage Abra Suite - Why migrate to the premium version of Sage HRMS [PDF]