Sage HRMS Q2 2020 product update known issues

We are aware of issues surrounding the recently released Sage HRMS Q2 update.   The following issues have been found:

  • Issue 1: HRMS Client fails to update on HRMS user machines (The client update will rollback with an error after installation of the Q2 2020 Product Update)
    • KB article: 105439
    • Details: The article provides a fix for this issue. (Note: The fix is only for the issue in which the HRMS client update fails)
  • Issue 2: All HRMS payroll reports fail with error 'C000005' or report UI closes/terminates
    • KB article: 105501
    • Details: Follow the steps in the article to resolve this issue.
  • Issue 3: HRMS Print/Post function fails
    • KB article: 105547
    • Details: Follow the steps in the article to resolve this issue.

 ***Note*** The Sage HRMS Q2 2020 product update is currently unavailable as we investigate an issue with the Crystal Reports runtime. We expect to have a revised update available mid-July. If you have already installed the update and are receiving an error when generating payroll reports please refer to KB 105549.

  • A known issue with an a quarter update should have been emailed blasted to the paid support users immediately.   I wasted a lot of time dealing with "Digital First Support Module" not referencing the correct issue when I entered the error message I was getting.   If had the correct ID105547 solution came instead of ID59423, I would have save a lot of frustration and 1 1/2 hours if this was known.

  • I completely agree.