• Asset Sale

    In May we capitalized an asset. In June we decided to sell to a customer instead.   I disposed at a gain on sale of the asset. However the disposal report is not showing the current accumulated depreciation we ran for May and June. Why?

  • Splitting Assets

    There is no native way to split an asset in FAS.  There are instances when splitting would be ideal.  As IFRS becomes more prevalent, companies are being required to componentized their assets.  For example- rather than just having a building as an asset…

  • Need to edit an asset from prior year

    We have a security system that was set up as one lump sum asset last year.  I need to break it down into its components instead. For example, there are 15 security cameras that each need to be set up separately under the same asset. How do I accomplish…

  • Not Letting me Adjust Beginning Accumulated Depciation


    I am having a hard time adjust beginning accumulated depreciation in an asset. I am trying to force Accumulated depreciation as our GL is off compared to Sage since we had a ransom ware attack. For some groups of assets it wont let me change the…

  • Images in the physical scanning of inventory

    When are we going to be able to see images on our androids while doing an inventory as in the picture shows?While watching a webinar.. Sage Fixed ASsets Overview: Planning, Tracking, and Depreciation I noticed this picture.  When will this be available? It sure would be a nice function to have when doing inventory for items we aren't sure what we looking for…

  • Amortizable asset auto populating 5 year SF, but I need it at 15 year estimated life.

    I have an amortizable asset that is a 15 year estimated life asset, but the system is automatically making it a 5 year asset. I have a similar asset placed in service 1 month earlier that worked just fine. This was placed in service 12/17/2018.

  • Exporting a list of active assets for a specific tax book with acquisition date, acquisition value, and estimated life into excel

    I'm trying to export this information along with some of the general asset list information into excel, and I cannot see a way to easily export this information.  I'm hoping its just something I'm missing seeing where the report or option is to do…

  • Import mapping - Getting error that depreciation type MA200 and MF200 are not valid depreciation types

    I am testing importing our assets each month and have built a spreadsheet with what I believe to be all the required fields.  When I go through the steps to validate, I'm getting a message unknown depreciation method for 3 of the field.  That the depreciation…

  • Sage Fixed Assets 2015.1 Current Accumulated Depreciation Prior Year

    Hi all,

    This is the first year I have needed to use the Sage fixed asset reporting software. I am attempting to gather prior year accumulated depreciation for a client, but am having trouble with the depreciation summary report wanting to pull in current…

  • changing estimated life

    Good morning to all!  We are changing the estimated life of our assets from 6 years to 7.  There are almost 1,000 assets and I would really enjoy not going into each and every asset in order to make this change.  Is there a way to make that change for all…

  • Premier Depreciation 2017

    My server isn't saving the path for attachments. It was fine until one week ago. Nothing has changed on the server. The server is Windows Server 2012 R2 SQL 2012.

  • Remaining Value Method


    I have some assets that were Place in Service on 1/4/17, estimated life of 5 yrs. 6 mo.,  depreciation ran through 7/31/17, and all have a SL depreciation method. I was notified that assets had to be accelerated to be fully depreciated by 8/31/17…

  • Summer is here and its time to perform the asset verification (physical inventory) Who has some best practices to share?

    Performing an annual audit physical reconciliation of your fixed assets can be a huge task.  Lets share some best practices

  • Pooled Assets Depreciation (Australia)

    Hello All

    I am looking at the our Sage system to manage the tax book (Australia).  We currently are under utilizing the sage system and the TAX book is driven though an excel worksheet.  As part of our improvement(s) we are looking at transferring the…

  • incorrect purchase price entered for asset

    Our company has been using Sage Fixed Assets for about a year.  When I was gathering all my info for entering the assets in for the first time, there was an issue with the previous software and the result is that an asset was entered with a purchase price…

  • Error: Waiting while user is modifying asset information


    I have a user who, while working in Sage Fixed Assets, attempts to create a new asset while working in a network based asset database and receives an error saying: "Waiting while user is modifying asset information. Pressing Cancel will terminate…

  • November Current Depreciation is too high

    When I ran depreciation for November month end, it appears that the current depreciation is multiplied by seven on all reports.  Acquired Value and Current Accum Depreciation are correct.

    Re-running it has made no difference, even when selecting "Force Recalc…

  • Adding New Value to Existing Asset

    Hello -

    I have an existing asset which had an addition this month, is it possible to add this new spend on the existing asset?

    Thank You.

  • Budgetary Projections

    New to SAGE FAS but very familar with SAP and Oracle. I would like to create an export file (excel or XML) that contains the list of our assets with their future period depreciation projections by each individual asset. The standard report only shows…

  • Some assets with a NBV don't calculate depreciation

    I have some assets that aren't yet fully depreciated yet they don't calculate depreciation when I run the monthly depreciation process.  Is there a setting that I've missed?  Some of the these are very old and some not that old it seems kind…

  • Asset Life Less than one year

    Our company was just acquired and we newly installed sage fixed assets. if you include previous depreciation the rest of the lives on the books are between 6 and 7 months. it says estimated life is invalid, is this because it is less than a year?

    Is there…

  • Multiple Invoice/Purchase Orders

    the limit for invoice and purchase numbers is 25 alphanumeric characters. If an asset is composed of multiple purchase orders and invoices, is there anyway to include these on importing or otherwise?