• Importing Disposals

    Similar to my post on transfers- it would be nice if disposals could be imported.  The ability to multi-select and do a bulk disposal is nice, but for me I have to go through ~8k assets and pluck out individual disposals.  If these could be imported it…

  • Importing Transfers

    One limitation I've found with FAS is the ability to transfer assets.  Transfers must be performed manually within the module (there is no option to import transfers).  I have about 8k assets that often move from one location to another- say 100-200…

  • Question Regarding Mask Field Output


    I have a question regarding the Mask Field output. I understand that for custom fields the character limit is 25. Prior to the 2021 update, when I would upload data to a custom field that was greater than 25 characters, it would truncate the custom…

  • Beginning YTD and Year-End Cutover

    Fiscal year end for a company is 12/31/2019. 

    They've been keeping their books in another system.

    They want to import assets with depreciation already taken through 12/31/2019.

    Is it necessary to import into the Beginning YTD field?

    The documentation…

  • Import mapping - Getting error that depreciation type MA200 and MF200 are not valid depreciation types

    I am testing importing our assets each month and have built a spreadsheet with what I believe to be all the required fields.  When I go through the steps to validate, I'm getting a message unknown depreciation method for 3 of the field.  That the depreciation…

  • Is there a way to import an entire book from a backup instance of Sage into the current instance of Sage

    Hello everyone,

    I am afraid the answer will be no, but I wanted to ask here just in case I have missed something.  Our company backs up Sage every day for recovery purposes, so my question centers around wanting to import a book from a recovered backup…

  • Change in asset value, estimated life, and in service date change for internal book only

    Our company was recently acquired, so our fixed asset values,estimated life,and in service date changed for internal book reporting. However, our tax books won't change. I have a listing of the new internal value for each asset by system number (over 15k…

  • How can you import assets to serval entities at once?

    How can you import assets to serval entities at once?

  • apply image to multiple assets


    We just received a large shipment of items and have imported them into FAS Premier Tracking. Is there a way to apply the invoice for these items as an image to all of these items in bulk? 


  • Allow Import Book Information or Importing changes to Book Information

    We are currently in the need of being able to import Book Information or importing changes to Book Information and it is currently not allowed. We are going to be acquired and will need to set up a new book with the same attributes as our Internal book…

  • Need Assistance with Custom Import Map - Have PDF of completed Map, cannot create .imp file

    As I said in the discussion prompt, I am trying to build a custom import map file for my company, and when I click "Save Map" no pop-up appears for me to actually save the map.  It did, however, let me print the map to PDF.  If someone could go…

  • Copying from 1 tax book to another

    I currently have an internal book and 6 tax books in a company.  Each month I load the additions using an import template.  Throughout 2015, many assets were not loaded into one of the tax books.  Now I want to copy all assets in one tax book to the 2nd…

  • What is the template I need to use for uploading a bunch of assets from excel to Sage?


    is there a specific upload template I need to use to get my excel spreadsheet assets  into Sage?



  • Custom import: assets with 100% bonus

    I'm working on a custom import and I am having trouble with the beginning accumulated for assets with 100% Bonus depreciation. The field will not accept "0" but it also won't let me leave it blank or enter a value higher than "0" because it will then…

  • Custom Import - estimated life

    I've created a mapping and file for custom import into FAS - in testing a sample of the data I am getting an error for the estimated life of assets with a depreciation method of "NO". I have the field blank for those assets and a zero for Beginning Accumulated…

  • Update Field List with Upload

    Hello -

    Our company is switching ERP systems and iI need to update the GL account fields for all assets.  Is there a way to update what is in the system already for just those specific fields by way of an upload instead of having to go in and do it one…

  • RE: Uploading with .csv files

    Actually, the leading zero does get saved in the file. It does not appear in Excel with the leading zeroes since Excel automatically suppresses leading zeroes. If you want to check the value saved in the file, Open the .csv file in NotePad – it is a little…

  • Multiple Invoice/Purchase Orders

    the limit for invoice and purchase numbers is 25 alphanumeric characters. If an asset is composed of multiple purchase orders and invoices, is there anyway to include these on importing or otherwise?