• Custom Reports -- Less Disposals and Transfers

    If you add a column to a standard report, is there any way to have the report include the "Less Disposals and Transfers" calculation before the Report Totals?

    My client has added Net Book Value to their Depreciation Expense report but NBV doesn…

  • Transfers Always Result in Having to Re-Depreciate Whole Year


    Everytime I have transfers within the company it always results in an error with the current YTD depreciation and overstates the monthly depreciation. I then back it up a month and re depreciate but then this gets rid of all of my prior throughs…

  • Sage FAS and integration with MS Power BI

    Hello, I have seen threads in other groups that discuss MS Power BI integration with other Sage products, but I cannot find anything on integration with Sage FAS.  Is this possible?  If so, could someone point me in the right direction?

  • Negative Acquired Value reported different on Fixed Asset reports

    Have a client that just started using Fixed Assets this past year, with 12/31/17 figured imported.

    They have a number of assets with a negative cost. These are calculating correctly into the Total Acquired Value, but not in Depreciable Basis on the Net…

  • November Current Depreciation is too high

    When I ran depreciation for November month end, it appears that the current depreciation is multiplied by seven on all reports.  Acquired Value and Current Accum Depreciation are correct.

    Re-running it has made no difference, even when selecting "Force Recalc…