• Error Report When Opening Crystal Rept. From Sage Software

    In Sage, I normally can click on Reports on the top menu, then Reporting, then Open Existing Report. I then would choose the Crystal
    .rpt filename I want to open & select the Refresh With Most Recent Information option. It would then open the Crystal…

  • Global Task Manager

    Running depreciation reports and error comes back saying - Unable to run Depreciate -- Object reference not set to an instance of an object

  • How to copy report with formatting to another company


    I've written some custom reports for my users.  I set one up with formatting (groupings/subtotals) and proceeded to then copy it to the other companies.  I notice that when I open the report in another company, the formatting (grouping/subtotals…

  • Transfers Always Result in Having to Re-Depreciate Whole Year


    Everytime I have transfers within the company it always results in an error with the current YTD depreciation and overstates the monthly depreciation. I then back it up a month and re depreciate but then this gets rid of all of my prior throughs…

  • Sage FAS and integration with MS Power BI

    Hello, I have seen threads in other groups that discuss MS Power BI integration with other Sage products, but I cannot find anything on integration with Sage FAS.  Is this possible?  If so, could someone point me in the right direction?

  • Depreciation calculation stopped before end of useful life

    We have a few assets that did not fully depreciate.  I know I can fix that using the RV over estimated life instructions, but I'd like to know what causes this to see if we can prevent it in the future.

    Here are two scenarios:

    1) Asset was set up two…

  • Negative Acquired Value reported different on Fixed Asset reports

    Have a client that just started using Fixed Assets this past year, with 12/31/17 figured imported.

    They have a number of assets with a negative cost. These are calculating correctly into the Total Acquired Value, but not in Depreciable Basis on the Net…

  • Sage Download and Knowledge base Site Down??

    Can anyone tell me when the support.na.sage.com website will be available? I have a Sage FAS update that I need to install, and the site is currently down for maintenance? How else can I perform the 2018.1 update?

  • Wrong Prior Thru date

    Hi Everyone,

    I am experiencing a problem in FAS. After disposing of an asset the depreciation expense report is showing the wrong prior through date of 12/11 and therefore calculating the wring depreciation this run. I am not sure what could be causing…

  • NBV Reporting (V2015.1)

    Has anyone encountered the problem where assets that have been fully depreciated and have a NIL net book value in the main asset record (book information screen) are not reported correctly in the standard report Fixed Asset Summary Report (ie still reporting…

  • Issues with printing in Citrix 7.7 environment and version 2016.1

    We recently upgraded our environment to use Citrix 7.7.  While initial testing did not reveal any issues, users are now experiencing application lockups when printing.   We have  possible workaround that works at the time of the issue, but is not a permanent…

  • Annual Projection Report Question

    I am running the Annual Projection Report for Internal Book for 33 years. At that time, all current assets should be fully depreciated. I would expect that the total depreciation would tie to my current Net Book Value, but that is not the case. I ran…

  • Beginning Balance vs. Acquisitions on FA Summary

    I have assets that were added into Sage Fixed Assets in 2015, but the actual DPIS is in 2014.  I need to be able to show the Cost of the asset in the Additions column of the Fixed Asset Summary Report, not the Beginning Balance.  I use this report for my…

  • What are the best practices for request of prior year reports by auditors?


    I have our live FAS listing in the current year (2015), and run monthly depreciation. When I am asked by auditors for FAS listing of prior years, (for example: 2011), I open a save copy of the 2011 company, create a report and send it over. However…

  • Disposals


    When we process disposals between periods, the Internal depreciation calculation will not calculate for the disposed assets. The depreciation is calculated for Tax. Has anybody experienced this before?

    Thank you,

  • November Current Depreciation is too high

    When I ran depreciation for November month end, it appears that the current depreciation is multiplied by seven on all reports.  Acquired Value and Current Accum Depreciation are correct.

    Re-running it has made no difference, even when selecting "Force Recalc…

  • Report Speed

    When will the issue with the speed of FAS reports be resolved ten months and counting? Do we have to wait until the new release? What guarantees to we have that the issue in  2014.1 will be resolved in 2015.1 or will you release another verison with same…

  • Some assets with a NBV don't calculate depreciation

    I have some assets that aren't yet fully depreciated yet they don't calculate depreciation when I run the monthly depreciation process.  Is there a setting that I've missed?  Some of the these are very old and some not that old it seems kind…

  • Sage Fixed Assets Premier Depreciation (Version 2012.1) - Removing Subtotals in Export Excel Reports


    I'm working through FAS Premier Depreciation and was trying to automate some rollforwards we create from the NBV reports we pull out of FAS.  The problem we are having with FAS is that the excel imports are not user friendly due to the breaks…