• Estimate Life

    I have a question below that was asked of me.  Can someone help me understand why they would think we need to buy this many machines ?

    The average age of most of the equipment is well over 7 years? And assuming we have ~40 machines total, wouldn’t that…

  • Transfers Always Result in Having to Re-Depreciate Whole Year


    Everytime I have transfers within the company it always results in an error with the current YTD depreciation and overstates the monthly depreciation. I then back it up a month and re depreciate but then this gets rid of all of my prior throughs…

  • question about updating asset records for purchase accounting


       I am working as a contractor to update assets in F/A as a result of an acquisition.  The topside depreciation is accounted for in the corporate ERP, but we need to push down this information to the asset subledgers in Sage.  We need to update the following…

  • Depreciation Expense Report

    The Depreciation expense report August YTD totals do not equal the depreciation this run amounts from January-August.  We didn't have any differences in the accumulated depreciation accounts, only the depreciation expense accounts.  Is there any reason…

  • Over - depreciated assets

    Hi - I have two questions.  First, back in 10/31/19, we changed the estimated lives of all assets that had either 30 years or 27.5 years to 40 years in the tax books.  At that time, we made the change using the "current thru date" not realizing that the…

  • Question About Multiple Cost Centers

    It is possible to have two cost centers for one asset?  As of right now, I only have the option to use one cost center for an asset to depreciation in; however, we have a new asset that will be used in at least two different departments.  In that case, can…

  • Changing Critical Depreciation Fields - Tax Book

    Due to the CARES Act, qualified improvement property that previously was 39 year and bonus ineligible is now able to use 15 year and 100% bonus. I have some QIP property from 2018 that I would need to change critical depreciation fields to update. How…

  • Astronomical Depreciation

    Our company has many new furniture and fixture assets being depreciated. Two of the assets being calculated get astronomical depreciation amounts (greater than asset cost). This happens only under Depreciation This Run because the Current YTD Depreciation…

  • Beginning YTD and Year-End Cutover

    Fiscal year end for a company is 12/31/2019. 

    They've been keeping their books in another system.

    They want to import assets with depreciation already taken through 12/31/2019.

    Is it necessary to import into the Beginning YTD field?

    The documentation…

  • Security System Depreciation Method

    I'm trying to figure out what depreciation method I should use for a new security system my company just purchased. I know with the updates to qualified improvement property from the CARES Act it's estimated life will be 15 years and it's eligible for…

  • ADS Half_year 20 Year Life

    What is the code for ADS straight line, half year convention?

  • Depreciation method for half months

    Are there any depreciation methods that will calculate depreciation by half months? If an asset is entered in the last half of the month, a half months worth of depreciation will be calculated in the month it in entered?

  • A couple of questions; new to the software and feeling lost

    I recently was successful in mapping Lite Depreciation to Sage 50.  Although it was an exhausting process and one I completely did not understand.  I have entered all my assets and am convinced I must have done something incorrectly or mis-classified some…

  • Amortizable asset auto populating 5 year SF, but I need it at 15 year estimated life.

    I have an amortizable asset that is a 15 year estimated life asset, but the system is automatically making it a 5 year asset. I have a similar asset placed in service 1 month earlier that worked just fine. This was placed in service 12/17/2018.

  • Recalculating Luxury Auto Deprec. for Revised Limits

    We installed the 2020.1.1 update last week prior to entering and calculating depreciation on any 2020 purchased automobiles.  Prior to recalculating depreciation on 2019 cars due to the luxury auto limit changes in the 2020.1.1 update, I manually checked…

  • Depreciable basis on autos taking Section 168 allowance and subject to luxury auto limits

    Can someone please explain and provide guidance on the way Sage is calculating depreciation in years 2 and on for autos subject to luxury auto limits ($11,160) and taking 50% bonus depreciation? For a vehicle costing $25,000 in year 1 we would have $25…

  • useful lives of 1 year, or less?

    I'd like to amortize some intangible assets on a monthly basis for one year (or less).  Does Sage Fixed Assets support useful lives of one year, or less?  Will SFA calculate and report monthly amortization for a series of intangible assets?


  • Change in estimated life

    The estimated life of some of our leasehold improvements has changed. I was reading one discussion which suggested changing it to RV, but that doesn't give me the correct values for the new date(s).

  • Group annual projections

    We have about 60 individual companies I need to run annual projections for; is there any way to run as a group report rather than one by one? I'm using version 2019.1.

  • Personal Property Like Kind Exchanges for Internal Books

    I realize that with the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act that like-kind exchanges are now limited to real property used in a trade or business.  Does this apply to just tax books?  Or would this be applicable to our internal book as well?

  • Fixed Asset Depreciation

    I just recently disposed of some Fixed Assets and when I went to run the Depreciation for the following month a few of those items that were not showing the previous month all of a sudden are showing up again with a current YTD depreciation attached to…

  • Depreciation to the Day

    Our company is getting acquired and we need to post depreciation to the day before the new corporation purchases all our assets.  How can I do this?

  • Conforming to the 163(j) rules

    Want to know if anyone try to calculate the depreciation using ADS method due the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA)?

  • Depreciation calculation stopped before end of useful life

    We have a few assets that did not fully depreciate.  I know I can fix that using the RV over estimated life instructions, but I'd like to know what causes this to see if we can prevent it in the future.

    Here are two scenarios:

    1) Asset was set up two…

  • Adjusted salvage value not utilized in depreciation

    We have some assets that were depreciated down to salvage value, but then determined the salvage values were way too high.  Adjusting the salvage value down and running depreciation has not had any effect on accumulated depreciation or depreciation this…