• Change in useful life

    Recently changed over to Sage Fixed Assets.  During internal audit it was noted that the useful life of assets changed on the import/opening balance date.  This has caused depreciation to be off.  Is there a way to recalculate depreciation on an asset to…

  • Luxury auto PIS in 2020

    I have two assets that were placed in service in 2020 and the company was sold in 2020. When I depreciate - it is taking the whole amount and is not subjecting it to 280F(d)(7) luxury automobile limitations for TY20. Can you provide guidance on how to…

  • Depreciation rates

    Hello!  We use the Sage Premier product. I'm wondering if there is any way to see what rates are being used for depreciation for each method?  I've not seen it in a table. I assume it may come with the updates and be in the software itself. Is there…

  • Auto Depreciation not reconciling with our Lawson #s


    Our company is in the process of converting from Lawson to Sage and we aren't getting our autos to reconcile on life to date depreciation. The first year of depreciation reconciles in both systems because we take the 168 allowance it's the years…

  • How do I tweak an asset so I can dispose of it without it taking a month's worth of depreciation in same month of disposal

    I have a user trying to dispose of an asset in beginning November without Sage taking depreciation for November.  Is there a way to do this?  We also use the period close feature so retiring at the end of October is not an option.  I'm assuming Sage is taking…

  • Transfers Always Result in Having to Re-Depreciate Whole Year


    Everytime I have transfers within the company it always results in an error with the current YTD depreciation and overstates the monthly depreciation. I then back it up a month and re depreciate but then this gets rid of all of my prior throughs…

  • Beginning YTD and Year-End Cutover

    Fiscal year end for a company is 12/31/2019. 

    They've been keeping their books in another system.

    They want to import assets with depreciation already taken through 12/31/2019.

    Is it necessary to import into the Beginning YTD field?

    The documentation…

  • Security System Depreciation Method

    I'm trying to figure out what depreciation method I should use for a new security system my company just purchased. I know with the updates to qualified improvement property from the CARES Act it's estimated life will be 15 years and it's eligible for…

  • ADS Half_year 20 Year Life

    What is the code for ADS straight line, half year convention?

  • Depreciation method for half months

    Are there any depreciation methods that will calculate depreciation by half months? If an asset is entered in the last half of the month, a half months worth of depreciation will be calculated in the month it in entered?

  • Amortizable asset auto populating 5 year SF, but I need it at 15 year estimated life.

    I have an amortizable asset that is a 15 year estimated life asset, but the system is automatically making it a 5 year asset. I have a similar asset placed in service 1 month earlier that worked just fine. This was placed in service 12/17/2018.

  • useful lives of 1 year, or less?

    I'd like to amortize some intangible assets on a monthly basis for one year (or less).  Does Sage Fixed Assets support useful lives of one year, or less?  Will SFA calculate and report monthly amortization for a series of intangible assets?


  • Change in estimated life

    The estimated life of some of our leasehold improvements has changed. I was reading one discussion which suggested changing it to RV, but that doesn't give me the correct values for the new date(s).

  • Tax Depreciation for Autos With Bonus

    I have 3 questions related to this topic.

    1. Our company's tax advisor says that for luxury automobiles that have 100% Bonus (e.g. $18,000 for a car purchased in '18), they should have no more tax depreciation on them till year 7.  The way Sage software…
  • Straight Line Calculation

    Is there somewhere that I can find details on the formulas used by sage to calculate deprecation?

    We are moving from Lawson Fixed Assets to Sage Fixed Assets and our calculations are not coming out correctly. 


  • TCJA 2017 ADS method on remaining basis over remaining life

    Hello, Does anyone know the steps necessary and the depreciation key to use to convert the exisiting real property and qualified improvement property to ADS method on remaining basis over remaining life?  I found the attached articles on SAGE release 2019…

  • Trade in M& E (trailer)

    We are trading in an old trailer (considered M&E) for $2,000 deposit towards a new trailer.  The old trailer was acquired on 9/30/1990 for $7,784 and id fully depreciate.  The new trailer will cost $23,295.34 less the $2,000 for the old trailer, we will…

  • Sandbox Test Area for Sage Fixed Assets

    Is there a sand box for Sage Fixed Assets where I can test running depreciation twice for February 2019?

  • Impairment of LHI Assets

    At the end of 2017, I set up impairment contra-assets in order to write down the value of the Leasehold Improvements booked prior to the impairment analysis.  I set them up so that they would fully depreciate at the end of the lease, as the LHI assets…

  • Adding a Depreciation Book

    We're looking at adding a Depreciation book to those already in use (Tax, Internal, etc.).  Is there a way to do this what would not involve going into each individual asset to update the data?

  • Leased Assets (GAAP 842)

    Does anyone know when the updates will be available for leased assets?  The support page was last updated in November of 2017, saying that Sage fixed Assets will offer additional lease accounting features.  

  • Luxury auto calcs wrong in years subsequent to a section 168 bonus election

    Bonus Depreciation on luxury autos. I have posted on this site regarding this issue before yet after 3 years, I still cannot get a straight answer. For a luxury auto placed in service in years with 50% bonus depreciation, the allowable section 168 bonus…

  • Section 179D Deduction Calculation In Sage FA 2016

    I'm having a disagreement with my company's internal tax accountant.  She is claiming that Sage FA is not treating the 179D deduction for the HVAC unit in a new building.

    From what I can see & have rechecked Sage is calculating depreciation correctly…

  • Help with some items 2015.1

    I have a team that is going to meet with me tomorrow to discuss the following items with Support unless I get them from other sources.  I went to knowledge base, so I figured this was the next step in the process.  Here are the items we could use some help…

  • What is the best method for setting a period close after the actual period close date?


    I forgot to set the period close date when we closed our fiscal year.  We have since run four months of depreciation, with no "reset date" that will work for resetting, running a period close, and then re-running depreciation for the affected assets…