• Assets are no longer depreciating and are not fully depreciated either?

    I have many assets that have 'no activity'.  They have been lumped together in my reports under a one line total.  I have run a current depreciation expense report and have them listed individually now.  But they are not fully depreciated.  There…

  • How to reset everything back to the beginning of the year

    We entering many many incorrect disposals and would like to reset everything back to the way it was before we started doing any work in the 2021 system.  All we have is a backup of the system at the end of 2020 before we rolled over to 2021.  Is it possible…

  • Solar Energy Panels- depreciation life

    We purchase an older building with a solar panel system on the roof. Using current FMV of system to create a separate asset how many years should we use for life IRS 5 years or useful life left of 18 years?   

  • Is there a way to calculate PA and IL depreciation within Sage? Can we set up a separate book?

    Is there a way to calculate state specific depreciation for Pennsylvania and Illinois?  Can a separate book be set up for these states?  How do you tell sage what the depreciation rules are or does the software automatically calculate?

  • Tax Book Net Value

    I am being asked, "For the Tax Book, how is there a NBV but no Depreciation has been ran this year?" For the following item:

    BUILDING - Property Type R

    Tax Book:

    Placed in service: 10/01/1982

    Value: $889,038.09

    Depreciation Method: SL


  • Current YTD Depreciation decreased on the Tax Workbook from August to September.

    I disposed of a auto on 09/07/2021. In the Tax Workbook on 08/31/2021 the Current YTD Depreciation on this auto was $740.92. When I disposed of the auto on 09/07/2021 the Current YTD Depreciation is $555.69. How did the depreciation decrease from Aug…

  • Inactive Asset Record

    I entered an asset record on 3/24/21.  Research found that no depreciation was accrued for March or on April's run, then on May it "caught up" with charges for Mar, Apr, and May.  No charge was made on the June or July depreciation run and…

  • California Vehicle Depreciation Limits and Methods


    Does anyone know how to get Sage FAS to depreciation vehicles using the California limits and not the Federal limits?  I'm not taking 179.


  • No Acquisition Value

    I am relatively new to FAS, and I have been tasked with cleaning up our asset list. I have found a handful of assets that are missing the acquisition value. Some of these assets go back to as early as 2010. When updating the value, I am prompted with…

  • Revaluation of Property Assets such land, houses

    Good day,

    Our company wants to add asset such a residential properties in Sage, however these assets are revaluation every year. How do we store these assets in such a way that we can record the original acquisition value and historic records of the values…

  • Accumulated Depreciation can't be zero

    I'm importing assets into SAGE and I keep getting the error Beginning Accumulated Depreciation can't be zero. Can someone help with this problem?

  • Personal Property

    If the total cost of an asset includes the Use Tax. How do I separate the Use Tax for Personal Property return purposes?

  • Change in useful life

    Recently changed over to Sage Fixed Assets.  During internal audit it was noted that the useful life of assets changed on the import/opening balance date.  This has caused depreciation to be off.  Is there a way to recalculate depreciation on an asset to…

  • Luxury auto PIS in 2020

    I have two assets that were placed in service in 2020 and the company was sold in 2020. When I depreciate - it is taking the whole amount and is not subjecting it to 280F(d)(7) luxury automobile limitations for TY20. Can you provide guidance on how to…

  • Adding estimated life to accelerated Depr method


    I have a location using MF100 on their internal books.  They would like the asset to have a life of 12 years which is not currently an option.  Is there anyway to add a 12 yr life?  I know that accelerated methods are typically reserved for tax books…

  • Auto limitation on an asset and not on another asset. Can I influence this?


    I'm working on converting from Lawson to Sage and have noticed that in our State book (Idaho doesn't allow bonus depreciation on autos) that in 1 company of ours the State book follows exactly MF200 and doesn't limit depreciation to the limitation…

  • Auto Depreciation not reconciling with our Lawson #s


    Our company is in the process of converting from Lawson to Sage and we aren't getting our autos to reconcile on life to date depreciation. The first year of depreciation reconciles in both systems because we take the 168 allowance it's the years…

  • Added a New Vehicle to our asset list and tax depreciation, I do not think it is calculating correctly. Was there a change to MA200 depreciation method in 2021?

    I have entered a new asset with an in service date of 01/21/2021.  As of February 28, 2021 there is zero tax depreciation being calculated.  It has been entered with an MA200 depreciation method and168 Allowance % of 100.  All of our vehicles are entered…

  • Fixed Assets Not Yet In Use

    I have several assets which were purchased as furnishing & fittings for a lodge in the process of being built.  As a result of COVID building came to a standstill and these assets have not yet been put into use.  How do I raise these assets without calculating…

  • Best Method - for revaluation in prior period

    Good morning,

    We have been recently acquired thus several thing are happening. One of which is a revalue of assets, backdated to October 1, 2020. What would be the best way to continue running depreciation in 2021, knowing that values of assets will change…

  • depreciation methods

    What depreciation method in  FAS is the same as Straight-Line Ori Mid-Month (15)   Converting assets from Great Plains software into FAS from a new acquired company.

  • Depreciation methods

    What depreciation method in FAS would be the same as Straight line remaining life?

  • How to Change from MACRS to ADS

    In election year 2018, I am trying to reclassify assets from MACRS (31.5 years) to ADS (40 years). The "current through date" 12/2017. At that time, the asset has been depreciating for 27.16 years, and would be depreciating for another 4.3 there…

  • How do I tweak an asset so I can dispose of it without it taking a month's worth of depreciation in same month of disposal

    I have a user trying to dispose of an asset in beginning November without Sage taking depreciation for November.  Is there a way to do this?  We also use the period close feature so retiring at the end of October is not an option.  I'm assuming Sage is taking…

  • Estimate Life

    I have a question below that was asked of me.  Can someone help me understand why they would think we need to buy this many machines ?

    The average age of most of the equipment is well over 7 years? And assuming we have ~40 machines total, wouldn’t that…