Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion, J Johnston!  We have added it to our product backlog for consideration (R-03691).

Voting and comments will remain open for further input, and Product Management will prioritize the request.

Importing Transfers

One limitation I've found with FAS is the ability to transfer assets.  Transfers must be performed manually within the module (there is no option to import transfers).  I have about 8k assets that often move from one location to another- say 100-200 per month.  It would be nice if these could be imported and run through transfers in the system. 

I have found a work-around for this, though not ideal.  First- I run a summary including department and location.  Then, I import (update assets) the system number, location, and department of assets that have been transferred with their new department/location.  Then I run a summary again, compare to the first summary run, and the change gives me the information needed to record a transfer.  This works- but would be nice if I could actually run a transfer report and see this.