Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion, Tracy Bean!  We have added it to our product backlog for consideration (R-03662).

Voting and comments will remain open for further input, and Product Management will prioritize the request.

Change description wording when FAS posts entries to Sage CRE 300

I have depreciation and amortization entries that post through the links in FAS to my Sage CRE 300 software.  All the entries post as  with the date.  Not all assets are just depreciated.  We have amortization entries, (like Goodwill, Loan Fees, Commissions), and recently I added the accruals to FAS to save some time from having to post FAS and GL entries (combined two separate tasks into one).  To correct the wording I have to manually go in and correct it, or manually post the entries in the GL and type the correct wording for each entry.  It would be really nice to have the option of changing Depr to Amort, or Accrl, or whatever when we setup the asset.