Under Review

Thank you. This request has been entered in our backlog for consideration. (R-03115)

Create Bulk Reverse Last Transaction

There currently is no way to do a bulk Reverse Last Transaction. Once a group of assets are disposed or transferred, there is no way to easily reverse those transactions if a large number of assets need to be reversed. You have to individually go into each asset and click Delete Last Transaction. There have been a few occasions where an accounting department has given me a list of hundreds of transfers, which I create a custom group for, and then bulk transfer them. After that is done, there have been times when the same accounting department has then said a few hundred of these assets were on the list as a mistake and should not be transferred. This has led to an incredible amount of time manually deleting the last transaction of each individual asset.

  • I would also like to see Sage add the ability to reverse or make changes after a bulk disposal has been run.  We do a lot of bulk disposals on fixed assets where I work & sometimes make mistakes when running bulk disposals so it would be extremely helpful if there was a way to reverse a bulk disposal or make changes to the information after running it.  Currently you have to delete the last transaction individually in each asset that was a part of the bulk disposal, make the necessary changes, re-highlight the assets for bulk disposal, & then re-run the bulk disposal so it is quite time consuming....especially if there are a lot of assets (& not in order by system number) being included in the bulk disposal.

  • Thank you, Ryan for your suggestion.

    I've added your request to the development backlog for review and consideration.