Custom Import - estimated life

I've created a mapping and file for custom import into FAS - in testing a sample of the data I am getting an error for the estimated life of assets with a depreciation method of "NO". I have the field blank for those assets and a zero for Beginning Accumulated. The assets in question are land. What's the solution to get these to import?

Thank youi!

  • On the 7th and final screen to the Import Helper, you should validate your data before doing the import. If you had done this, a message would have appeared indicating that you had exceptions in your spreadsheet. Upon seeing this message, the View Report button is now active and once clicked, you can then open and see your Exceptions Report.

    This report will list all exceptions, both Errors and Warnings, but you will want to pay particular attention to the Errors listed because these assets will not be imported. This report would have listed the line number, i.e., row, in your spreadsheet where your land asset was delineated. Moreover, this report would have indicated "Error" with the explicit message that a critical field such as Estimated Life cannot be left blank.

    Using the Exceptions Report as a guide, you could then open up your spreadsheet, navigate to the appropriate row and edit the information for the record(s). In this case, you will enter a 0 in the cell for the Estimated Life. After you have edited the assets identified with Errors, save the file and perform another validation in the Import Helper screen. Ensure through this iterative process that you have eliminated all of the Errors listed in the Exceptions Report.