How to create a new (3rd) Custom Date field

I am trying to create a new Custom Date field called "Replacement Date" so we can look up which computers need to be replaced after so many years on a schedule.

  • Hi, Craig,

    The SFA-Depreciation program provides you with custom fields in addition to your standard "boilerplate" fields.  Two of these fields have been designed to capture date data-type information.  These are called Custom Date 1 and Custom Date 2.  If you haven't used these fields for something else already, why don't you customize one of these to serve as your Replacement Date?

    If you have already used these fields, you might customize one of your other custom fields (Custom Fields 1 through 10) and format the mask to make the data look like a date.  For example, you could set the mask to 99/99/9999.  In this way, you can only enter a max of 8 numbers, and numbers only, but the information in the field would look like a date.

  • Hi Craig,

    Adding on to Bob's suggestion, consider formatting the date as YYYY/MM/DD. Your mask would be 9999/99/99. Alternatively, you could use dashes or another special character instead of slashes.

    With the date in Y-M-D order, when you sort assets by this field (such as in Asset List or on a report), assets will be in date order. 

  •  I tried to update the mask from XXXXXXXXXXXX but it won't allow me to enter any slash or dash marks. Does the View dropdown option  at the top need to be something other than "Allow Entry" ? I'm trying to update Custom Field 2 to do this. thanks.

  • I shortened the number of entries in the Entry Mask to 8 characters and updated the Default field to YYYY/MM/DD hoping this is what needs to happen?

  • when I did this the "Default" field doesn't appear to actually force it to format the field in anyway and I'm still forced to manually enter the date like 2024/08/27.