Inactive Asset Record

I entered an asset record on 3/24/21.  Research found that no depreciation was accrued for March or on April's run, then on May it "caught up" with charges for Mar, Apr, and May.  No charge was made on the June or July depreciation run and the record appears to have become inactive.  What would cause the record to become inactive?

  • Hello Micky,

    If by Inactive, you mean on the Asset List the status on that asset is Inactive, then someone Inactivated the assets which is a selection off the Asset menu when an asset is either highlighted on the Asset List or in the asset detail and make the selection to inactive.

    As for the calculation - If the Depreciation Method is SL with the asset being Placed-in Service on the 24th of the month, it would be normal for no depreciation to appear in the month Placed-in Service, See Straight-line mid month calculation. (17645) for the details. 

    As for the rest of the calculation there, if you are using the <All Complete Assets> group when running depreciation and the asset is not Inactive, then I would have no explanation without being able to drill down in the data some.


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