Accumulated Depreciation can't be zero

I'm importing assets into SAGE and I keep getting the error Beginning Accumulated Depreciation can't be zero. Can someone help with this problem?

  • Hi, Terrell Guidry,

    Coach Vince Lombardi began one practice in 1961 with these famous words, “Gentlemen, this is a football.”   

    Likewise, I need to start my answer by reviewing some basics.  There are three beginning fields, and they are:

    • Beginning Date
    • Beginning YTD
    • Beginning Accum

    Though these fields appear on every asset record, they may be empty fields on most asset records.  The only reason to ever use them is to communicate prior depreciation that has already been calculated on the asset.  And in cases where they are used, the Sage software will not challenge you as to whether the depreciation figures were calculated correctly.  It will simply accept the numbers.  Well, there is one slight exception to this.  In the Tax book, you may be asked if the depreciation was calculated using the mid-quarter averaging convention.

    The beginning date field must be after the placed-in-service date, and if so, it will be accepted by the Sage program.  But the purpose of this field is more than merely communicating a date.  This field is also a flag to the program to look for the data values in the other beginning fields.

    Let’s say you want to create asset records through a custom import.  If they are new assets, there is no need to use the beginning fields.  But suppose, on the other hand, you are creating a new asset record, but it is not a new asset.  Rather, it is one you placed in service in 2019, and you depreciated it through another program or maybe on an Excel spreadsheet.  Regardless of how, the last time you depreciated it was through the end of 2020.  Now, you will want to include the beginning field information in your spreadsheet for this new asset record to be created in the Sage program.

    As you and I both realize, of course, the SFA Depreciation software is just an application with programmed instructions designed by software engineers working with our Sage CPAs.  Indulge me for a moment, as I will assign the program anthropomorphic qualities for the sake of answering your question.

    Upon seeing your attempt at a custom import, the Depreciation program says this:

    “I see, Terrell, that you have one asset with a beginning date of 12/2020, but the beginning accum is zero.  How did you depreciate the asset and come up with a figure of zero?  That does not sound right!

    “Therefore, I am going to send an alert to you in the form of an error.  You can see it in the Exceptions report. 

    “Maybe, you entered the beginning date by mistake, and it should have been left blank.  Or maybe, you forgot to enter the depreciation you had calculated in the beginning field.

    “Let me give you a chance, Terrell, to fix your spreadsheet, and I will await your next import.”

    Make sense?