How do I tweak an asset so I can dispose of it without it taking a month's worth of depreciation in same month of disposal

I have a user trying to dispose of an asset in beginning November without Sage taking depreciation for November.  Is there a way to do this?  We also use the period close feature so retiring at the end of October is not an option.  I'm assuming Sage is taking a month's depreciation due to the Depreciation method we are using which is straight line full month.  How would I tweak this asset to help accomplish what user is trying to do?

  • Hi Tracy Needham,

    The straight line full month calculation takes a full month (SF) of depreciation in the service month and all consecutive months it is in use and depreciated. When it is time to dispose of the asset that has the depreciation method SF the rule for this convention is that it will give no depreciation in the month of disposal. So you can select any day in the month and it will just keep the depreciation up the month prior to your disposal month picked.