Transfers Always Result in Having to Re-Depreciate Whole Year


Everytime I have transfers within the company it always results in an error with the current YTD depreciation and overstates the monthly depreciation. I then back it up a month and re depreciate but then this gets rid of all of my prior throughs. So then I have to go back and re depreciate month by month (Jan-now) which is a timely process, in order to get the correct report. Is there a way that this error can be fixed? It happens every single time I have transfers and it's very time consuming going back. 

Thanks in advance!

  • Hello Kierra, 

    When it comes to question of transfers on reports - It is always difficult to say where to start, especially since you are talking about YTD and DTR because those numbers are not related in any way.

    Let's start with "...but then this gets rid of all of my prior throughs". If by that you mean, after doing a transfer in October then running for the end of October, and the DTR not being a Month's depreciation so that you run for September again - it would be a mistake to look at that September report. The September run is to set the prior though date for that October run and will not tie to your prior September reports, therefore the prior through cannot exist on this September run. There really is no need to go back to the beginning of the year and run month by month.

    The YTD question is always trickier, so I'll just explain what the program is doing on this October transfer.

    Depreciation on all books would need to be ran to a date, September or prior, at the time of entering the October transfer date.

    When you enter the Transfer date and click ok to complete the transfer on the Parent Asset: The depreciation is then calculated through the end of October, meaning your Current through date will be October and the asset will no longer appear on a September report.

    It also creates a Child asset with a September Beginning date with a zero YTD and the Accum from the parent as of September which is also calculated through the end of the month of October. 

    At that point on running depreciation for October, assuming the Force Recalculate box is not checked on the depreciation dialog, the DTR really should be a monthly number at that time. After a transaction - depreciation must be ran prior to checking reports. If depreciation has been ran correctly after the transaction and the DTR is not a monthly number when the depreciation was ran to September prior to entering the transfer, then that may bare some investigation by Support. 

    For some further information see What is depreciation this run? (17873)


  • Hi Kierra,

    Ann here; I work with the Sage Fixed Assets' development team. Thank you for your post. I concur with Delray thoughts and agree you shouldn't have to go back to January. Ideally, you shouldn't have to rerun the prior period either - I sympathize with your frustration. Please do contact Sage support about the incorrect Current YTD and monthly depreciation amounts after transferring assets. We are reviewing some inconsistencies in how these amounts are calculated for transfers. Providing support with examples of your particular process and steps will help us in the investigation. We do want to make the process faster. Thank you!