Free Webinar in April - "Exporting Data”

Hosted by the team of Sage U certified trainers for Sage Fixed Assets, a free one-hour webinar will be presented on Tuesday, April 27, 2021.  The start time is 2:00 pm EDT. 

This webinar will review the different ways of exporting data from the entire suite of SFA software.  This will include the Depreciation, Planning, Tracking and the Reporting module using the Crystal application.

You are invited to attend!  Please register on this website:

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  • Hi, Mickey,

    Thank you for bringing this oversight to my attention.  We had recently changed the webpage where you can find these webinar recordings, and as you may have noticed, they are now available within the Sage U website.  However, this particular recording on Exporting Data was inadvertently overlooked.

    We are in the process of updating that webpage to include this missing recording, but for your immediate consumption, here is the link where you can watch it on YouTube:

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