• Sage Fixed Asset Importing

    I have been importing our assets each month for a few years now and for some reason now I cannot save the leading zeroes in the CSV file to keep the needed 4 digit formatting for the estimated life fields.  I have been working with this with my IT for…

  • Client accesses FAS housed on a hosted site. In Custome Import the Browse file screen does not appear.

    Client accesses FAS housed on a hosted site.  In Custome Import the Browse file screen does not appear.

  • General Information fields with an * hiding the information

    For some reason we have an asterick in some of our General Information fields that hide the information in the field (project #) and we are unable to go in and change / remove it in FAS as the field is uneditable, however, when we export the report to…

  • Update G/L Accum G/L Account

    Hello, I need to update my G/L Accum Account with new G/l Information for all Active Asset. Is there a way to export a spreadsheet, update the information and then import it back into Sage Fixed Asset with the Syst No and the New G/L Accum info?

  • How to add a large number of assets in batch?

    Is there a way to enter multiple assets at once? 

    We've been adding one by one using the "Add an asset" button.

  • Import Disposals

    I've updated the version I am running (Depreciation/Network Version 2022.1).  I'm trying to do a disposal upload;  however, the import function only has 2 options:  New Asset and Update Existing.  If I click update existing the disposal fields are…

  • Fixed Assets 'Estimated Life' template upload

    I am in need of help with my template upload to Sage Fixed Assets version 2017.  Estimated life has to be entered as 'YYMM', which the system accepts when there is more than a year of life left (ex: 0107). However, Sage will not accept when I input a value…

  • Sage Fixed Asset - Depreciation Network Custom Import Helper

    Hello, I'm can't figure out what I'm missing to import assets. I keep getting this error message. Missing Critical Depreciation Fields. - Critical depreciationfields are missing for the following books: Custombook2. Can someone tell me what is in Custom…

  • Changing Depreciable Life and Salvage Value for a Large Number of Assets

    Hi Gang, 

    I'm being tasked with updating the salvage value and depreciable life for around 3,000 assets. I'm also new to this software so that doesn't help, however, I have done some research and there are also people who have given me a little…

  • Importing Data into Sage

    How do you indicate an asset as bonus depreciation in the import?

  • Tax Book

    Is it possible to import the Book Values of existing assets in the Internal Book to the Tax Book?

    Thank you.

  • Excel Files Dowloaded from Sage

    I recently started having issues using Excel files that contain data that was originally downloaded from our Sage Software.  The files are extremely slow to move around in.  I am wondering if it's because of the format the downloaded files are in, the old…

  • New to Sage FAS

    We are converting into Sage FA.  A couple of issues we have had:

    1. Is there a parent/child relationship?  We have some heavy equipment that is made up of components, so if an engine or component is replaced, we dispose of the old and bring on the new. 

  • Can a mass DB update be made to dbo.Asset.CompAsstNo ?

    Due to an ERP conversion, all ERP asset ID's will have to be changed to reflect the new accounting system's asset ID.  Can a DB update be performed to accomplish this; if so, where will I find a list of all places where we would have to update…

  • Sage Fixed Asset Lite

    Can you import assets into Sage Fixed Asset Lite from an Excel or a CSV file?

  • Mapping Changed


    We updated the FAS Depreciation for the CARES Act which includes the revised recovery life for leasehold improvments,   after we tried to access the system we noticed our "Import Assets" mapping had been changed and our current  files dont…

  • question about updating asset records for purchase accounting


       I am working as a contractor to update assets in F/A as a result of an acquisition.  The topside depreciation is accounted for in the corporate ERP, but we need to push down this information to the asset subledgers in Sage.  We need to update the following…

  • Available Companies in Merge Companies Window

    I'm attempting to merge three existing companies from two different databases. From what I can tell in my "Edit Company" screen, all three companies have the same set up information (Business Start Date, Fiscal Year Ends and Short Years). However, when…

  • Images in the physical scanning of inventory

    When are we going to be able to see images on our androids while doing an inventory as in the picture shows?While watching a webinar.. Sage Fixed ASsets Overview: Planning, Tracking, and Depreciation I noticed this picture.  When will this be available? It sure would be a nice function to have when doing inventory for items we aren't sure what we looking for…

  • How to import assets that were previously depreciated in another software (not fully depreciated)

    I'm importing assets that were previously depreciated in GoSystem. Assets are not fully depreciated and some of them have bonus depreciation. For new assets I figured that when we take 100% bonus on assets we are left with no depreciable basis for AMT…

  • Import fixed assets previously amortized but not fully amortized yet


    I'm trying to import FA that used to be depreciated into another software (GoSystem) and on some of the assets Sec 179 bonus was taken in the past. I read through this article, but it doesn't mention what field in custom import should we use to…

  • Beginning YTD and Year-End Cutover

    Fiscal year end for a company is 12/31/2019. 

    They've been keeping their books in another system.

    They want to import assets with depreciation already taken through 12/31/2019.

    Is it necessary to import into the Beginning YTD field?

    The documentation…

  • SAGE Test version

    Do you know if there's a Test version in SAGE? I'm just beginning to use the system and it would be great if  I can us a test version in order to familiarize with SAGE, before inputting the real numbers. Thanks for your advise.

  • Import assets from Best Software FAS

    We have a very old version of Best Software FAS for Windows (98.12) designed for Windows 95. I can export each company to WFA file which is just a CSV file. Can these be easily imported in to Sage Fixed Assets if we were to buy a license.



  • Import mapping - Getting error that depreciation type MA200 and MF200 are not valid depreciation types

    I am testing importing our assets each month and have built a spreadsheet with what I believe to be all the required fields.  When I go through the steps to validate, I'm getting a message unknown depreciation method for 3 of the field.  That the depreciation…