Why is my client not connecting?

1 minute read time.

That’s a very good question and one we often get from our customers.

There are several reasons a client may not be able to connect; therefore, I’ve listed multiple items below that you can check for to ensure you have the correct setup.

Is the Fixed Assets service running on the server?

    • If it isn’t, start the service via “Services” in Administration Tools.

Is the windows firewall running on the server with Domain level turned on?

    • If that is the case, make sure the Sybase port 2638 is set to be opened through the port inbound and outbound rules.
    • Do the same on the workstation if the firewall is turn on there as well.

Is the client pointing to the right database for connection?

    • For Depreciation and Tracking, the client should connect to the Bestsys.db file on the server.
    • For Planning, the client should connect to the CIPSys.db on the server.
    • Also check that the TCPIP entry actual show the server IP address instead of just the default format {Host=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX}.
    • You’ll find step-by-step instructions and additional information in our How to troubleshoot Sybase SQL loop? KnowledgeBase (KB) article

Is the client is installed to a laptop?

    • Make sure to use either a wired or wireless network connection, but not both at the same time.

Are you seeing an “Incompatible conversion components” error when launching the client?

    • Make sure that the client version installed matches what is installed on the server for the server portion of the application.
    • See our How to install a client? KB article for the steps and additional information and resources.