• Set Timeout for web services rest call using ASYRRESTCLI.EXEC_REST_WS

    When launching a request via REST web service with the ASYRRESTCLI.EXEC_REST_WS instruction against a third party Endpoint, I need to control a certain time in which, if the Endpoint does not respond, to exit the call and return error by TimeOut.


  • Delete/insert lines with SOAP web service


    I don't understand how to set up the parameters to insert and delete lines via web service; actually, I can't find much on those parameters in general (their definition, when should I use which, etc). A simple example would do the job as well, I can…

  • Web service user is not getting updated in create user/update user fields

    Hi All,

    We have configured the web service user "USR02" in web pool configuration as per below screenshot. But, when we invoke product web service then create user i.e. CREUSR and change user i.e. UPDUSR getting updated with current login user instead…

  • Webservices Pass empty Value in modify method

    Hi there, 

    I'm trying to "clear" a field using the method Modify in a PHP script with SOAP from another plataform, but it's not working, if the field is empty in the XML it appears that it doesn't modify.

    I tried:


  • Sales Return Import/Export Template

    Does Sage X3 has import/export template for Sales Return. Since we have integration to third party Sales application, this is becoming a challenge on the Sales Return front. Currently its integrated directly using Web services. System is having performance…

  • Web service returning "Process[WS_NAME] - No return code (status[6]) "

    I'm getting the following message on some web services responses. Just in some times.

    "Process[ZWS_NAME] - No return code (status[6]) "

    The web services its a Subprogram web service.

    Has anyone known what is it? And how to fix it?

  • Trying to read the products of Magento from X3 using rest api integration and Node JS Error

    Hi All,

    We are trying to read the product of Magento from Sage X3 using integration methods such as Rest webservices, Node.Js for one of our client. The Magento API endpoints uses 'OAUTH1' type of authorization for authentication of the Rest API…

  • Subprogram to Create Delivery and Invoice

    I want to build a few subprograms to be executed through web services. Basically, from a given picklist in GESPRH2, I want to click the buttons for 'Deliverable' and then 'Delivery' to create the delivery, and then in GESSDH I want to click the 'Invoice…

  • Setting Hold Status for Order via Web service

    I'm trying to set a Hold Status when I create a Order via web service Save.  I pass in the following, but never recognizes it, and always sets the HLDSTA to '1' (OK - no hold).  Does anyone know if this is possible during the web service Save…

  • The value "NaN" is invalid for option size

    We are using the Sales Order object as a  web service, and it occasionally returns "The value "NaN" is invalid for option "size"".  The XML looks okay to me, so I'm not sure what is causing it.  Has anybody else come across…

  • Sage X3 Sales Order Web Api


    My development team have recommended that I get them to write a new APi for when I would like to Modify existing sales orders  rather than use the existing sales orders.

    I am clearly not technical, but can someone tell me can you read, write , modify…

  • Unable to Autoprint the Crystal Report in Sage X3 from web application

     We are creating Sales delivery from web application(Source code Java) into Sage X3 using Soap web services which is succesful. At the same time We are trying to autoprint the delivery crystal report after creating delivery in Sage X3 for which code was…

  • why i can't set query of VACITM facet to yes in ITMMASTER representation

    when i click on the query cell to change it to yes it just jump for initial state, but for some others columns it's ok

  • Customer Returns

    I have seen this question come up before, but I have not seen a resolution.  We have a need to build a customer returns API for accepting returns through a WMS system.  X3 has no import template for customer returns (SRH), and the web service does not work…

  • developpement arround sage x3 using web service

    I want to save data from sage to my sql database, the problem is in soap i get a group structure. example:

    "ITM0_1": {
    "TCLCOD": "ASSET",
    "ZTCLCOD": "Invest",
    "ITMSTA": "1",

  • Delivery Locking after validating

    I trying to validate my deliveries using the  VALIDATION() subprogram in the TRTVENLIVV file. 

    Whenever, I successfully validate a delivery, the record is locked up. 

    I added the Unlock = "SDH"+delivery_number command, but the record is still locked up.…

  • SOAP Errors

    We have an integration with a 3rd party eCommerce site, and X3 is returning the following errors.  Does anybody know what these mean, and what the resolution is?  The only resolution right now is to stop and start the web service pools.  These errors are…

  • Erradic termination of webclient sessions after undefined times of user inactivity.

    Running Sage X3 V12, we are facing problems on all browser and computer platforms: while having open a user session running on any browser or network, useres get kicked out suddenly after a certain inactivity with varying duration.

    After cklick message…

  • Delivery Validation error via VALIDATION() From TRTVENLIVV

    We have code that will validation a shipment...

    Call VALIDATION("2010SDH00051620") From TRTVENLIVV

    This code works, except for 1 customer of ours.  They are on version  The error we get calling that function is...

    "Error Delivery 2010SDH00051620…

  • Access denied on pool

    We have a user in X3 V12 that is set up to call web services.  This user is set up as a web services user, but is restricted to a single pool/endpoint.  The user has worked in the past, but has stopped working.  The error is "Access denied in pool XXX".…

  • purchase order update via web services error

    In V12.0.21, and I'm trying to add lines via web services to POs that are partially closed, but I get the 'can't display a popup in webservices' error. It works on POs that are not partially closed, and it works when manually adding lines to the partially…

  • Problème d'authentification web service java avec X3 V11

    Actuellement, je rencontre un problème au niveau de la mise en place d'un web service java avec sage V11 dont un problème de refus d'authentification se manifeste. Pouvez vous m'aider à résoudre ce problème. Merci…

  • How to turn off carrier price calculation?

    On the delivery screen, when I work with web services, when I save a record, it asks web service the following message and web services responds with a yes. 

    The carrier, shipping address, or weight/volume was modified:  Search for the carrier price?


  • Creating Delivery via web services, based on a Order

    I am trying to create a Delivery via web services, and have it attached to an existing Order.  The order has been allocated, and ready for Delivery creation.

    I created a simple object web service using the SDH object.

    I am sending the order # in the header…

  • How it Works SPRICESEARCH Representation

    Hi all,

    Maybe here there is some one can help us! 

    Thanks to all!


    Sage X3: 2020 V12 P19