• upload the .CSV file to SageX3 to create Sales Orders

    Hello all,

    our company recently purchased Sage X3 license. We have a e-commerce website that creates sales orders in Sage X3. But some customers places the orders through email in bulk using Excel spread sheet. 

    I want to upload this spreadsheet/csv to…

  • Generation of purchase order when request signed.

    We would like to have purchase orders automatically generated when a purchase request has been signed / validated. However, struggling to implement this process.

    Looked into workflows, signatures, copying the action behind the order button that is on the…

  • Can delete SAGE X3 Administration syracuse user: Import Special user (import)?


    This is based on the Sage X3 v12p31 fresh installation from Sage X3 v12p31 ISO disc.

    I noticed there is an import (Import Special user) in Administration > Users.

    It is under SAGE Factory Owner.

    It is active and I can enter it with the default…

  • Audit log for session information


    Is there a way to keep an audit log for session information?

    Specifically, like:


    loginID | IP address | web server | browser

    TONY | | X3syraH1 | Chrome


    I checked from the Sage X3 login audit table in SQL Server and it only…

  • ACLA: Opening the same table twice


    Planning to move a customized activity code from a Sage X3 server to another Sage X3 server.

    On the customized activity code Sage X3 server:

    Did a patch creation.

    Picked the custom activity code.

    Pre-load the object.

    When I press OK

    Is there…

  • Edit a screen field from script


    I have a process that sends workflow mail via existing product sites with safety stock, and after it runs, I'd like to set their respective safety stocks to 0. I've marked where I would like to implement this code in my code snippet.


  • Sage X3 SMTP email relay for Microsoft customers


    - Microsoft document reference from 2021: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/exchange-team-blog/basic-authentication-and-exchange-online-september-2021-update/ba-p/2772210

    - The sender email in Sage X3 must be similar to the sender email…

  • Workflow rule to notify when destination location is a specific bin


    I'd like to implement a workflow rule to notify me when products are moved via stock change transaction (Event code SCS, window GESSCS) where the target location is blank or a specific bin. I noticed there is no Data model for stock change transactions…

  • Customer (Credit Control Section ) Management Tab

    The credit control section of the management tab is grayed out on the system and cannot be amended. 

    Please assist with possible solution

  • Upcoming financial expert workshops powered by Global Center of Excellence

    Do not miss the opportunity to join these expert workshops that will provide you with in depth knowledge and firsthand experience that you can immediately use on your projects as many of your colleagues have already done. Bring your questions and problems…

  • Sage X3 XML parser

    I looked for a solution to parse XML files in Sage X3.

    I found some posts that suggest to use external application, stored procedure or the XML import feature of Sage, but I needed a more flexible solution.
    So I decided to implement a program to parse any…

  • OpenSSL, November 1, 2022, Critical Security vulnerability

    From: https://www.globalsign.com/en/blog/urgent-patch-openssl-november-1-avoid-critical-security-vulnerability

    Is Sage X3 affected?

    Checking NodeJS version from syracuse for Sage X3v12p30:

  • What would cause the expiry date to calculate with a year of 1932?

    We have products that have a 10 year expiry date. Our operations team has reported that on these products as they are processed on a work order they come out with an expiry date of 1932. I am at a loss as to what would cause this. Any guidance would be…

  • New Benefit - Sage Member Masterclass: Discover talks and articles from the world's leading experts!

    All Sage customers and partners have automatic access to Sage Membership, which includes Member Masterclass, networking opportunities, and expert human advice. 

    In Season 1 of Member Masterclass, go deeper with our experts, learn how to find and keep great…

  • How to store Blob image's type in a table ?

    I created a custom screen where I am displaying images related to a driver.  I am using a datatype of ABB, input of Display, and Graphic object of Photo.I have an issue on how to store those images.
    I know that it is stored in the CBLOB table. In the screen…

  • Sage Enterprise Intelligence Version 2022 R1.3 and related templates are now available for download from Nectari ( KB 116013)

    The latest version of Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI), 2022 R1.3 and related templates are now available for download directly from Nectari. SEI and templates are no longer available through the Sage Knowledgebase.

    You must be registered to access…

  • Sage X3 is losing SSL certificate when the App server restart.

    We are hosting Sage X3 on Amazon server and very time when the sever restart, it's losing the SSL certificate. The external link will not be working, every time this happens, I have to reload the SSL certificate in SageX3 under Administrator. Then after…

  • "This movement cannot be performed, it generates a negative stock"

    Good afternoon

    I've run into a problem I've never seen before. I only have 1 of a sku on hand but sage is showing we've got 10. So, naturally I will try to issue out 9 to make the stock count correct. Doing so however returns this error:

  • Incoming Inspection on Purchase Receipts

    Hello Sage Community,

    I have a question I am hoping someone can help me with. I am looking at implementing an inspection process for Purchase Receipts but we have a scenario where the item being received is not Stock Managed. If an item is not going to…

  • Adding existing assets to Sage X3 FA Module

    In the past we did not use the fixed asset module.  I'm now moving our assets into Sage.  First, we were told that we have to use accounting method "RE", where we now use straight line, in order to input the existing accumulated depreciation.…

  • SAGE X3 Web Scheduling : new functionality 2022 R3


    Last week I was in a webinar to know about the new features highlights in 2022 R3.  It was announced that web scheduling instlaller will be simplier than the previous one and it will bring new interface and new functionality.

    Do you have any documentation…

  • ALOG No working on scheduled tasks

    I have a script using ALOG class to write to a log file. It works fine when I manually run the script but nothing is logged when it runs on scheduled task.

    Please help Slight smile

  • Proforma Invoice printing as Blank

    Hi everyone ! Appreciate your support on this 

    On the sales invoice screen, (All - sales - Invoice (full entry invoice), we added a template for the client to print the Proforma Invoice. However when we give the print option for the 'Proforma Invoice type…

  • Unscheduled server restart error while VALDICO process after increasing the length of DES and AX3 data type.

    Hello All,

    I have increased the DES and AX3 data type length from Standard 30 Characters to 60 characters, but when I am performing dictionary validation, I am getting an error of Unscheduled Server Restart.

    I tried the same for other data types but didn…

  • Restrict Storage volume using Access Code

    Hi All,

    need your assistance, while restricting storage volume we are not able to restrict the storage volume for particular user. we have followed KB:97295 but sill not getting the expected result.

    please refer the below KB link which we have followed…