• Query tool - How to get data from custom fields

    Hello everyone,

    I am running a Query to get some info about a item.

    Table ITMMASTER; Field ITMREF; Others Fields by default.

    The info that i need is related with a Custom Field, where i need the value of the field and their descripton. 

    Table ITMMASTE…

  • How can I link the following tables (SDELIVERYD, MFGITMTRK, ITMMVT, ITMMASTER, STOJOU) "Graphical query"

     I tried with all possible keys, but I still have a problem with the connections in between the table. Please, can anyone help me? I intend to create a query that presents all shipments and all production follow-ups made on a date and the respective accumulated…

  • SAGE REST API - How to get all the records of a table in single fetch/query

    When I try to get all the records in a single query, I got an error from X3 folder. And also tried with $next/$last links, however, we need to call these links synchronously until we get all the records from a table.

    Is there any chance to get all the…