• Script does not update field value if the line is not entered

    Local Char ZPRODCOD(30)
    Local Char ZPRODCODOLD(30)
    Local Integer YESNO
    YESNO =2
    For i=0 To max([M:POH2]NBLIG -1)
    For [F:ITM] Where [F:ITM]ITMREF = [M:POH2]ITMREF(i)

  • Execute ACTION from STD on Sage X3

    Using Sage X3 v12 (2021R3), I try to execute on a TRT the $APRES_CHOI action from STD and SPE.

    My process is the following : Object called ZDK, I'm opening an action AZDK1 that opening a custom selection popup (with screens and backend-code).

  • Custom messages in standard flyout?

    Hi folks

    I'd like to know if there's an easy way to show custom messages using the standard flyout banner (e.g. shown if record has been updated)?

    I know I can use Infbox to achieve a similar result, but the user should not be forced to click…

  • ALIFMI entry point in TRTVENCDE

    Dear all,

    I'm new in SAGE X3 and wanted to know if there is a possibility to change the default value for the field FMI in a Sales order line.

    I found in the entry points documentation that this can be done by using the entry point ALIFMI but not…

  • Field data not present until Update clicked

    Good morning

    I created a new field and used the type AUS since i am using this to look up employees, once you select the employee and save you will notice the selected user code is present. 

    The problem is when you go back into the function and see the…

  • SageX3 - Left List Personalization

    Hi, how can I add custom  view fields into standard (browser) object Left List ?

    It's easy to add other tables but , what about views ?

    Example:this is a standard object 

    I've added my custom view into Viste tab:

    But in Selezione tab (Selection…

  • SageX3 - Selection List

    Hi, in a custom selection script like this:

    GSELFAC = 1 : # campo che deve ritornare

    Filter [F:YPROD]
    CRITERE = "[F:YPROD]YITMREF='"+[M:POH2]ITMREF(nolign-1)+"'"

    NBCOL = 0

  • Inquiry Screen Custom Fields Missing on Export

    I added a new column to an inquiry screen. Since the field is from a table not included in the inquiry, I used SPE code to populate the field in the inquiry.  This works fine, but when I export it via Excel, that field isn't populated.  Does anybody…

  • Reversal Journal Entry - Line Description to Capture Original Journal Line Description

    The client would like to request for a change in the logic of the Line Description of the reversals

    In Journal entry function (GESGAS), while clicking reversal from the right side button, the system will create reversal journal. In that Journal the client…

  • Product Description disappeared

    In Sage X3, PU9, Common data Module>Products>Products(GESITM)

    whenever I create a new product or modify the existing product, the data in description 2 and description 3 disappeared. ironically, the previous data in the same field for certain products…

  • Product image on other screens

    What I would like to accomplish is that ability to tunnel quickly to what a product looks like without sending our users to the Product screen. The screen I would like to implement changes is the Sales Order entry screen. Initially I was thinking that…

  • Set Column Titles Dynamically

    Is there a way to dynamically set column titles for a grid on a screen?  I can do this: 

    But I want to make it more dynamic, like this, but X3 doesn't like it.

  • Field Data Type AIN Issue

    Good morning

    I have added a field to SORDER, and then added that to SOH0.  I am then receiving a heap error, but not sure what to do next.  Anyone have any advice?

  • Sage X3 upgrade from V PU9 to V12

    Dear Sage City forum users,

    we're currently looking for someone who has already tried or experienced migration from Sage X3 vPU9 to v12. We currently have one project where we've been asked to "test" this migration internally and see how this may work…

  • RTF Pasting adds many carriage returns

    Just upgraded to V12 P27 and when we copy to clipboard from an outlook email in rich text format, when we paste it into a comment box in any screen (customer, supplier, sales or purchase order etc), it is adding _many_ carriage returns after each sentence…

  • Graphical Query Tool executed query

    I have query in the Graphical Query Tool that I'd like to see the actual query executed.  How do I see the query in SQL syntax?  I want to see the tables and how / what they are joined.  Is there a way of doing that?

  • Is there a way to see how much quantity was pulled from a specific lot?

    I am creating an invoicing table that has Item, Lot and QtyOrdered. Is it possible to see per lot allocation by sales order number? I know you are able to see the qty on hand/lot. For example, if I have an item that exists in multiple lots, I only want…

  • Quick Representations/Class Setup for X3V12


    I would like to create more representations using Views/Tables. Requestors are very quick to create in X3V12 using Views/Tables, but very limited functionality specially on Landing Pages. The goal is to give user far more interactive dashboards with…

  • I need help verifying a variable on creation of Sales Invoice

    I there,

       I'm struggling to get a verification if a Variable is empty or not on creation of a sales order. 

       The Variable is in each line of the sales order, i need to emmit a warning and block te creation if one of the lines has the var empty 

       Here is…

  • Error adding Custom Description field to BOMs and Work Order Screens


    I am trying to add a custom long description field to our Manufacturing BOM screen (BOH0) and receiving this error - 

    I've added a "Before Field" Action to the ITMREF field and added this as the script. 


  • How to change Screen Input type from "Enter" to "Display" via 4GL?

    I have a need to set the format of fields on a screen to "Display" when a certain value is detected in a field.

    I know how I could suppress it conditionally, but that's not what I want to do.

    Basically... if I were writing the suppress for…

  • Transfer custom fields from STOALL to STOJOU

    I have a custom field in the STOALL table that I would like to transfer to the STOJOU table when the transaction is validated/posted.  I've been looking for an entry point to do this, but I can't seem to find it.  Does anybody know if there is an…


    Sage X3 allows a parameter to warn user for duplicate values in BPRVCR. 

    How can this warning be change to an error? 

  • Delete specific row sales order rows list


    How can I delete a specific row, from sales order rows list?




  • Pulling Calculated Values from One Report or Data Model Into another for further calculations.

    I have 2 different reports one is a Statement of Financial Position while the other is an Income statement, how can I get calculated fields value from my Income Statement Into my Statement of Financial Position noting that the IS has it's Data Model just…