• 1 Bank - Multiple Bank File Defintiions

    We are using Sage X3 V11 Pu6 - coordinating upgrade to v12 at present

    In Australia our Vendors can be paid by multiple payment methods in particular 

    - BPAY

    - EFT

    For some banks the BPAY file is prepared as a .CSV and the  EFT file is produced as a .aba…

  • Machine Inaccessible error

    Hi team,

    Someone kindly help, am getting the Machine Inaccessible error sometimes when I or my users have lock screens and am trying to terminate them. What might be causing this and how I can permanently resolve?



  • Customer (Credit Control Section ) Management Tab

    The credit control section of the management tab is grayed out on the system and cannot be amended. 

    Please assist with possible solution

  • Graphical Query: Antiquated and buggy


    Amazing how this graphical query doesn't compare to anything in the market - Crystal, Hyperion, Access, and I mean it doesn't compare to the1990's versions of these softwares.

    today I met another bug - i am sure someone has found it…

  • REST Web services Post a record problem

    why I keep getting this error: "Saving has failed" every time I try to create a new record. Is there an option somewhere that prevents it from creating this new record? What am I missing?

  • Unbalanced journal legal (99) when Importing a file

    Hi team,

    I need some assistance in resolving the unbalanced journal error I am getting when importing a file from Pastel. The import path am using is: More> Usage> Import> Table structuring/ Import. In the other post I saw that this might be related to…

  • Too Many Analytical Distributions (maximum 300) Currency NGN Company DVE Ledger Legal Site

    Hello All,

    Please i need your help, i tried closing a financial year and i got the message below.

    Too Many Analytical Distributions (maximum 300) Currency NGN Company DVE Ledger Legal Site

  • Period Status Change


    User was trying to open period in the new month unfortunately couldn't select "No" in the next months so only intended month's period is opened as a result ended up opening entire year which is not right. Someone kindly assist on how I can change…

  • ASYRWRKSIG Workflow approval link Error:

    Hi All, 

    Please assist as to what might be a solution to the following error for workflow approval links:

    {"$diagnoses":[{"$severity":"error", "$message": "X3 engine error: D:\\Sage\\X3APP\\Folders\\X3\\TRT\\ASYRWRKSIG.src : File Non-existent ()",…
  • How to deal with an entry point called twice.

    I've been working on a workflow that triggers on creation of a shipment.  I'm sure you're aware that these workflows will work just fine when creating the shipment manually, but when leveraging the batch tasks FUNAUTDLV and FUNPREDLV, the workflow…

  • problem creation of direct Sales invoice from Service Request screen

    when i try to create direct Sales invoice from Service Request screen an error appear (no invoice created)

  • PJM Financial Overview - Cost Type Issue from PO Transactions


    Has anyone experience an issue where PO transactions are showing under the Site as opposed to the Cost type related to each item on the PO in the Financial Overview screen?

    As per the example below, the Commitment amount of 8k from the PO is displayed…

  • Creating Sage X3 Alerts

    Hi team,

    I want to create a rule where Sage X3 will either be notifying or prohibit user from proceeding when they want to create a quotation for a supplier who has reached a certain credits amount (to be agreed) ie has several outstanding invoices which…

  • Stock journal not having values

    Hi team

    I need some assistance. I am facing a situation where I am having stock journals created but not having values. The process is triggered from a purchase> purchase receipt> and the purchased items were supposed to be received as stock but now,…

  • Error in returning stock - Line movements are pending, please adjust

    Hi team,

    I am facing a challenge in returning a stock where as I have deliveries and I was able to create credit notes among the steps in returning the stock but I am facing an error as in below screenshot as soon as I select the delivery number so as…

  • Delete/insert lines with SOAP web service


    I don't understand how to set up the parameters to insert and delete lines via web service; actually, I can't find much on those parameters in general (their definition, when should I use which, etc). A simple example would do the job as well, I can…

  • Record Print options greyed out

    After posting payment, the record print option is greyed out only the list button is active. I need help.

  • Any Easy way to exclude weekend from date calculation in 4GL?

    Is there any easy way to exclude the weekend from my date calculations in X3?

    For example, my delivery is suppose to arrive on Monday. It takes 3 business days to get to the customer. If I do Monday - 3, I would get ship date of Friday when I actually…

  • Workflow Rules message by Criteria

    In the message text area in workflow rules, I was wondering if we can display text in a email dynamically based on a criteria. 

    This is my attempt, but doesnt work:

    |[F:PSD1]ITMDES<> '',chr$(13)+chr$(10)+"Order Description :[F:PSD1]ITMDES|…

  • Bar Code - Multiple Suppliers

    My company is currently on V11, and about to upgrade to V12.  We have a hurdle that I am hoping someone has come across and found a solution for...

    We have multiple products that we source from multiple suppliers.  I am looking for a way to use multiple…

  • Sage X3 Implementation - Resistance to change

    We are a distribution/manufacturing company who implemented Sage X3 about 2 years ago and acquired another company early last year. We are facing quite the pushback from the acquisition from the employees and their resistance to change. Therefore, there…

  • No Applicable Rate when posting purchase invoice


    I am getting an error message when i try to post my invoice that there is no applicable rate for one of the purchase invoice lines. 

    We create our purchase invoices based on the receipt number.

    We are on V11, Patch 14



  • Default Customer Contact checkbox location

    On the customer screen, there is a default contact checkbox. 

    Which table is this stored on? I cannot find it on CONTACT or CONTACTCRM table. 

    On V11, Patch 14

  • blank report

    hello everybody ,

    i want to print a blank page when some users want to print a sale invoice thant contain line with GROPRI = 0.

    please anyone has a solution for that.

  • 1) Mass delete BPS Invoices 2) DocLink/DocAlpha

    1) Is there a way to mass delete BPS Invoices? I have 1900 to delete.

    2) Duplicate and triplicate Invoices have imported into Sage X3v12 p17 from DocLink/DocAlpha.  This is the second or third time it has happened.  Does anyone have advice on what might…