• Looking for description data for Payment Terms, Carrier, Delivery Mode

    Hello community, 

    I am trying to add some description data to a customer facing crystal report and noticed I am only pulling the ID/ Code of the certain fields but need to show the full description of what that id/code is. Trying to add the descriptions…

  • Add a condition formula to the table of Crystal Reports in Development > Script Dictionary > Reports to activate/deactivate printing of one or group of Linked report!

    When a Report code attached to Function is a Linked report (a collection of some Crystal reports to be printed at once), it would be highly beneficial to be able to set a condition formula if they need to be printed or not. 



  • How to change Detail Width in crystal reports

    Hi Sage X3 Community!

    Hope everyones doing well.

    I have an interesting scenario...  I have a label that I'm trying to get to print to 4x6, which is working.. however it keeps printing an extra blank page, and I believe its because the details section…

  • How can i convert number to Text in crystal repport SAP

    i used  this function:

    ProperCase( ToWords(10000, 0) ) //Dix Mille

    but how can i convert in two language french and english
  • How to add a new crystal report to SAGE X3 V11

    Hello everybody

    I want the steps to add a report to Sage x3 V11 please.


    Am working from the DEMO folder

    I modified the file SBONFAC.rpt in crystal report 2013 to include a field from a table in sage x3.

    the original file is located at :

    Since sales invoice RPT files are in :
    C:\ProgramData\Sage\Safe X3 Client\V1\Data\X3_X3SERVER_1806…

  • Crystal Report DATABASE CONNECT

    How do I connect to the same database set: This is what I need to connect to.

    When I click on the left list. It is bringing in the table from different set.

  • Printing Multiple Invoices ERROR Crystal REPORT

    When I put a range invoice to print, which I do by going to an invoice and changing the parameter, I am getting the following errors. 

  • Financial data extraction print to have at least 12 column (per 12 periods) in order to be exported to Excel!

    One of our biggest challenges in an X3 project, our customer has to run FDE twice (one for first 6 month and then second 6 month of a year) if they want to see the whole year in one report. We do understand that 8 columns fits in a printable page (hence…

  • How to print multiple Report


    i need to print two report in just one click transaction. I have created two separately reports that take the same parameters. How can i to print one after another?

    As shown in the preview image I added a row in "Crystal Report" section in Dictionary…