• 1) Mass delete BPS Invoices 2) DocLink/DocAlpha

    1) Is there a way to mass delete BPS Invoices? I have 1900 to delete.

    2) Duplicate and triplicate Invoices have imported into Sage X3v12 p17 from DocLink/DocAlpha.  This is the second or third time it has happened.  Does anyone have advice on what might…

  • Dimension Codes Not Flowing From Supplier Record to Supplier Invoice

    Common Data >> Bps >> Supplier, Financial Tab, Analytical Dimensions

    Currently only codes listed in AX1 flow through to the supplier invoice (Supplier BP invoices).  How do I change the other dimensions to flow through to the supplier invoice…

  • Delivery invoiced twice - critical issue

    Hello Dears 

    I'm facing a major issue with my sales invoices, the customer have found that he accidently created 2 invoices for the same delivery even though the delivery is completely invoiced at the first time but it sometimes appear on the list list…

  • Importing Sales Invoices and updating dimensions

    For a Customer we import Sales Invoices using a template based on the SIH import template.

    Importing new, multiline invoices works fine. But when trying to update an invoice but adding an extra line, the error below occurs. A work around, is to first…

  • Open Items Report for BP

    Hi, I want to run a report for a specific BP/Customer and I would like this report to show a complete list of all transactions for the customers - open and closed, invoices, CMs, DMs. I want to see 2 columns, one showing original amount and one column…

  • Short Term Rental

    I need to setup a process to manage short term rentals. I have investigated the lease contract option, but it requires Fixed Asset setup and a large amount of transaction overhead.

    The best option I have found thus far is to use a Loan sales order followed…

  • Slow performance on CREATE invoice after upgrade to Sage x3 v11 patch 18

    We get more that 30 seconds to be able to CREATE an invoice.

    After create we can work/change/validate/print the invoice with no problem or delay.

    Any ideas or same problem\ solution ?

    Best Regards,

  • Create invoice from delivery

    Hi everyone,

    We are kind of interested on creating and Invoice from the delivery, currently we are already validating the delivery but we would like also after to create the invoice.

    Is it possible to do this by code?

    We are currently validating the delivery…

  • Table with link between invoice and order


    Is there a table, where I can find the link between invoice and sales order?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Payment Receipt and Invoice Allocation

    We have lot of Customer Invoices to be allocated for each payment. Is there any solutions available to handle 100- 500 invoices, allocation from one receipt. Currently we are using BP Net settlement option, which is time consuming. Will any Robotic Process…

  • Can I copy a posted Sales Invoice rather than having to re-create from scratch?


    At the moment when a sales invoice is found to be incorrect after it has been posted, we have to create a credit note for the whole invoice and then re-create then invoice from scratch. 

    This has a few problems but in terms of resource, for invoices…

  • How to allow negative NET price on Sales Order/Deliveries/Invoices?

    Hello, we have the requirement to allow negative NET pricing on certain lines on Sales Orders, Deliveries and Invoices without using the discount fields. I've been able to enter a negative amount on the GROSS price for a line item, but then Sage makes…

  • Unmatch credit invoice for paid invoice

    We come in a case where the purchase invoice is paid. After a while decide to create Credit invoice. 

    As long invoice was paid - it was matched with a capital letter. After the creation of  Credit invoice - it was matched with a small letter. Is it possible…

  • Sage REST API - Detail facet example with linked table, i.e: How to concatenate two field to get the details of the record

    When I try to get all the fields of SINVOICED table using REST API "Query" facet. I am not getting all the fields of all the records, in some case that filed has a collection of data(Array of data). So I tried to achieve this with "Detail" facet, for…

  • Validate PO Invoice with Webservice

    Does anyone here have any idea how to validate a PO Invoice using a webservice, or other similar method?

  • Import SIH using Web Services

    Hi all, as you can read i'm trying to import an invoice in my Sage X3 V9 PATCH 6 using Web Services, in my specific script(SPESIH) there is an action that i don't want to perform if i'm importing using web services.

    I wonder if there is a…

  • Purchase Invoice: do not allow invoiced quantity greater then receipt quantity

    We have found that when bringing over a PO Receipt into a Purchase Invoice that the user can change the quantity and invoice for more than what the receiver brought into inventory. 

    The user in our system is presented with a warning:

    "Warning - Maximum…

  • How to deploy the Connecticut "Gross Receipt Tax" (GRT) in Sage ERP X3 V9?

    The Connecticut GRT tax is on the first sale of petroleum products in the state.  The tax is charged to the applicable line item amount up to the maximum of a price of $3.  Amounts charged above this price are exempt.  Therefore, we must find a way to recalculate…

  • Error in enabling Invoice function - No transaction authorized

    I enabled the module "Purchasing" for a user, most of the sub-functions are working, however, some functions are running into the error below:

    I'm trying to enable the Invoice function:

    These are the user settings, it is a test…

  • Validation rule on a custom field

    Hi all,

    I would like to know what is the best way (step by step) to create a rules/automation on a custom field. 

    I have a field on SIH0 screen, It is a type A field:

    1 - When creating the register, the system populates the field with a sequential number…

  • Two different tabs using the table screen type.

    Good day everyone,
                                I am going to be grateful if I get a reply to one of my challenges. I am trying to create two tabs with the table screen type. I am successfully making on the tab save data to the database but the other tab  cant save data…


    I am trying to run the following query but its giving me an error. Any suggestion on how it can be fixed.

  • SQL Data Report

    I am trying to pull data from three tables but running into a relation issues. Table1: Customer Table. Table 2: Invoice Table Table 3: Invoice Detail Table On table 1 the customer number column is "BPCNUM_0" On Table 2: The customer number…

  • Crystal Report not printing Chinese Name when printing report

    We have a lot of Chinese customers and will prefer products name to appear in their language. How can I make this characters print on reports (Invoices)

  • prevent invoice creating from general journal entry


    can you suggest a workaround to prevent invoice creation from general journal entry?

    All invoices should be entered from Sales/Purchasing area only.

    Thank you