• Issue with ALIMSKSOH entry point in TRTVENISOC

    I am trying to populate a field on an intersite sales order when created automatically from an intersite purchase order.

    I have identified the ALIMSKSOH entry point in TRTVENISOC which should allow me to do this. Unfortunately the field that I wish to populate…

  • new field to have multiple selections

    We are at V11- Is there a way where we can create a new field that uses the local menu but can allow multiple selections from the local menu?   We have a list of 14 items that we need on the product but instead of creating 14 different fields with check…

  • Field data not present until Update clicked

    Good morning

    I created a new field and used the type AUS since i am using this to look up employees, once you select the employee and save you will notice the selected user code is present. 

    The problem is when you go back into the function and see the…

  • Invoice Inquiry: Pull Source Document vs Order No

    Is there a way to have the Invoice field pull from the Source Document vs the Sage-assigned Order No?

    By the time I know the Order No, I'm already sitting on the invoice I'm looking for.

  • SageX3 - Left List Personalization

    Hi, how can I add custom  view fields into standard (browser) object Left List ?

    It's easy to add other tables but , what about views ?

    Example:this is a standard object 

    I've added my custom view into Viste tab:

    But in Selezione tab (Selection…

  • Block invoice posting if Custom field is not populated

    Hello everyone,

    I have a few custom fields on the SIH0 screen.  If these fields are not set by the user I would like to add a message box (Yes / No) when they post the invoice.  Basically to inform the user that they are empty and if they continue to post…

  • Default value in UDF when Invoicing a delivery

    Hello everyone,

    I have a custom field on the SINVOICEV table.  I've added this field to the SIH0 screen and put a default to "2" (it is a yes/no).  If I create an invoice directly from the SIH0 screen the default works fine.  When I generate…

  • Transfer custom fields from SalesHeader / Detail to Invoice

    Hi Everyone,

    I have 3 custom fields on the sales header (SORDER) and sales lines (SORDERP).  I also have the same fields on the invoice tables.  When the order is invoiced I would like to transfer the values of these fields from the order to the corresponding…

  • Update Transaction

    Good afternoon

    I am trying to move data from one field to another.  Basically we have a free text field that we used to use and now we are using one linked to AUTILIS and I want those user codes we were using to now populate my new field.  I believe I…

  • Import template for Sales order with UDFs. UDFs on sales lines not being saved.

    Hi Everyone,

    I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue.  Basically, I've created three custom UDF fields on the sales header (SORDER) and detail (SORDERP). I've included those fields on both the header and details of the import template…

  • Field Data Type AIN Issue

    Good morning

    I have added a field to SORDER, and then added that to SOH0.  I am then receiving a heap error, but not sure what to do next.  Anyone have any advice?

  • Add a new field to SDELIVERY from BPCUSTOMER table


    I want to add a new field value to SDELIVERY to store the value of a field from BPCUSTOMER table.

    We have a field on BPCUSTOMER - YDROPSHIP table ( datatype M, chapter =1 ). We set the field value when we create the customer record. I want to have…

  • calculate available stock


    i want to add a field in my MGB screen that contain avaible stock , so i added a field type QTY but i have no idea how to write function in spe script that calculate availble stock !!!!!

    please help!!

    i'm under X3 V11

  • STOJOU table- new numeric field

    I'm wondering if anyone out there may have a solution or possibly the same issue.  Currently we are using pack codes for inventory so we can retain the number of units per weight however now we want to begin using price lists but based on the products…

  • Convert XML file to separate columns in SQL

    Good day

    We receive an XML string from a client but it is not the correct format for Sage X3. Is it possible to write the data from this string into its own separate columns in SQL?



  • within generate porder from prequest

    Hello everybody

    i'm about generating purchase order from purchase request , the probleme that i want to pass a field value as params from request line or header to all line in the order

    thank you 

  • Controling field from product lines on Create document - Sagex3

    I'm a relatively new user at sagecity, so my apologies if I violated any rules in my post.

    i'm Trying to check if a custom field in the lines of a document has value but i'm not achiving what i want...

    here's what i tried:

    Case ACTION…


    HELLO , i'm trying to add a custom field in SNL0 screen using an entry point  (SNL0_CUD)to save the value Of the field in CUNLISDET (stock count ) , it saved  well in the table  but once i click on SAVE button the field appear empty on the screen ? any…

  • Adding a field to Order Lines Inquiry

    I have been trying to add a field to CONSCPP and I can see the field in the screen, however, it does not populate any data.

    Its already added in Setup>General Parameters>Inquiry Screens, also on Screen CONSCPP2 and WMCPPSTD.

    Not sure where else I…

  • Error adding Custom Description field to BOMs and Work Order Screens


    I am trying to add a custom long description field to our Manufacturing BOM screen (BOH0) and receiving this error - 

    I've added a "Before Field" Action to the ITMREF field and added this as the script. 


  • 4GL Calculate Fields

    I am trying to do a simple calculation where I need to multiply two fields and the total is displayed in another field. I believe this can be easily done through 4GL programming, but have some questions. My thinking is I would add an action to the screen…

  • Looking for the sales FOB field in sage x3

    Good day everyone, I am looking for the sales FOB field in sage x3. If there is no field in x3, is there a column in sql? So far I have been unsuccessful in finding said field. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. 
    Thank you in advance!

  • STOLOT modification

    Is there a function to modify the BPSNUM field on STOLOT ?  Cannot use Lot modification function as I'm not changing the Lot number but I want to add a value to the STOLOT.BPSNUM field.  I'm thinking I need to go directly in the table. (ugh)


  • How to change Screen Input type from "Enter" to "Display" via 4GL?

    I have a need to set the format of fields on a screen to "Display" when a certain value is detected in a field.

    I know how I could suppress it conditionally, but that's not what I want to do.

    Basically... if I were writing the suppress for…

  • Pass through the lines after field action in header

    When I execute a routine that modifies fields in a budget line after a After_modif action in a header field, if I don't position myself in the lines the changes are lost when I register the budget.

    I need some action in code that simulates as if I…