• Product image on other screens

    What I would like to accomplish is that ability to tunnel quickly to what a product looks like without sending our users to the Product screen. The screen I would like to implement changes is the Sales Order entry screen. Initially I was thinking that…

  • Delete/insert lines with SOAP web service


    I don't understand how to set up the parameters to insert and delete lines via web service; actually, I can't find much on those parameters in general (their definition, when should I use which, etc). A simple example would do the job as well, I can…

  • disable TRTVENTAR and TRTVENPRI if intersite sale

    hello everyone,

    our client set BASPRI and MINPRI for each article on ITMMASTER, and want to disable it if sales document (order or delivery) is an intersite document.

    please help

  • Create session error : X3 engine error: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Invalid object name 'ADOVAL'. : SQL Server ErrorDeta


    When i'm trying to access the X3 reference folder and the pilot folder i get below error.

    Create session error : X3 engine error: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Invalid object name 'ADOVAL'. : SQL Server ErrorDeta…

  • Query going to wrong transaction when record is selected

    Good morning 

    I created a query then added it as a gadget to a home screen.  My issue is that when they click on the analysis request number it brings them to the last transaction, not the one they clicked on.  Anyone have any ideas?

  • Workflow Rule - Message with Amount to Invoice

    Below is a message I created for a workflow rule to notify end users they have an invoice ready for approval.  Does anyone know why my "Total Cost" is not working?  You can see it present in SQL with an amount and in the invoice.  

    |"Subject Invoice…

  • Invoice Approval Process

    Good Morning 

    I'm looking for a way to notify my users that an invoice is ready for them to approve.  Does anyone have any recommendations for this?  


    Hello All,

    Please i need help, i tried to close period and i got this error message below.

    Kindly find screenshot below.


  • Query only returns results for CAD

    The query that I was helped with the other day, does run, however only returns results on some customers. Not all customers. and only customers that purchase in CAD.

    How can i find out why it is doing this? I don't have any 'selections' area in the "advanced…

  • Parameter Prompting for Labels

    I am using Sage X3 V11 with Crystal 2013 to create a new label. Is it possible to prompt for report parameters when using the Print Stock Labels function? I am hoping to enter values for the label that are not currently stored in Sage as parameters. 

  • Filtered entry in X3 in Ledger movement


    Does anyone knows what is the "Filtered Entries", Which comes as a line at the bottom of the report when export Finance --> Inquiries --> Accounts.




  • Sage X3 Language - Locale

    Hi, I want to set up a new Locale in X3 which is easy enough through Administration => Administration => Locales, and this works fine in terms of decimal symbol etc.

    However, the menu across the top (V11) showing Administration, Development, Parameters…

  • Detailed versus Global Allocation

    I understand the difference between detailed versus global allocation.  Does anyone know why on a multi line sales order some lines allocate as global and others as detail?  The items share the same category code (hence the same allocation rules).  I would…

  • Cost Estimation tools

    Is there a BoM-based cost-estimation tool that is compatible with Sage EM v11? We’re in the subcontract electronics manufacturing industry and that is somewhat unusual in that the number of components is far in excess of the number of operations. Most…