• Passing list of values as Criteria parameter

    Hi there,

         Is there any way of passing a list of values (comma separated or equivalent) as a Criteria parameter in the printouts > SQL Query Tool

         Also, how to remove character limitation from that field...

    what i'm trying to achieve is something like…

  • Screen Field Size

    Good day Ladies and Gents 

    Can anyone let me know if there's a way to make the fields appear larger on a screen?  It seems to dynamically change when you change the size of your screen, but ideally there are some I could make larger by default and…

  • What is the column name for AvailableStock->TotalRequirements in sql?

    I am looking to get the sql column name for  total requirements qty located in available stock. If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be greatly appreciated.

  • No Applicable Rate when posting purchase invoice


    I am getting an error message when i try to post my invoice that there is no applicable rate for one of the purchase invoice lines. 

    We create our purchase invoices based on the receipt number.

    We are on V11, Patch 14



  • Workflow Rule - Operations

    Good afternoon Folks 

    Does anyone have a good guide to what the operations all mean?  I'm trying to have this send 30 days before the date in the field, but I dont think create or modify will work for an even like this.  

  • Antivirus Exclusion for Sage

    I have got a server where I would like to install antivirus.

    I have got sage X3 installed on the server.

    Can someone please provide me any advice on how should I move forward with this?

    Are there any important files/folder that I need to exclude for this…

  • 1) Mass delete BPS Invoices 2) DocLink/DocAlpha

    1) Is there a way to mass delete BPS Invoices? I have 1900 to delete.

    2) Duplicate and triplicate Invoices have imported into Sage X3v12 p17 from DocLink/DocAlpha.  This is the second or third time it has happened.  Does anyone have advice on what might…

  • New ADC - Error message on Picking Function

    I am using the new ADC and all the functions seem to operate properly except Pick Ticket. I can select a picking list or a pick ticket, I am then shown the items on the pick ticket, but as soon as I press Update on the first line I picked  .I get this error…

  • Facing issue while choosing the endpoint of the imported folder v12.0.21 on a new servers of Sage X3 version 12.0.26

    I got an error while choosing the endpoint of the imported folder v12.0.21 on the X3 version 12.0.26. "Create session error : The folder version is different from the version of the root folder.", As shown in the screenshot below :

    Has anyone…

  • Fixed Assets vs General ledger

    What could be causing the Fixed Asset register to not balance to the general ledger.

  • Adding Field to Screen

    Good morning Everyone and Happy Monday!

    I'm attempting to add PTHNUM to screen POH2, but I am receiving this error "Fields PTHNUM: Undefined parameter OBJZON ( Type VCR)." Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong and how to resolve this?…

  • Carry Forward entries - Accumulated Depreciation

    Please assist. The Carry Forward entry (Opening balance) for accumulated depreciation does not agree to the closing balance at year end on the Fixed Asset register.

    I am not sure what the issue is. The Fixed Asset register appears to have processed an…

  • Anyone know how to setup an Export template so that it's output is split into multiple files?


    We are still using version 7. We have an export template we use to export invoices to be sent through EDI. Currently the export template creates a single text document with information from every invoice that needs to be sent. Is there a way to…

  • Positive Pay Bank File Definition - Separate Detail Lines per Column

    Customer's bank wants the Excel file generated with the check details to have each required field in a separate column. Does anyone know how to specify this within the Bank File Definition? 

  • Sales Kits -Commercial BOM

    I am trying to set up a sales kit - it is a bundle of 6 bottle of wines. 

    I couldn't change the unit of component product. It is grey out. And the system default as "CA" - case.

    Is there any solution that i can change it to a different unit…

  • Crystal Report Duplicating Net Invoice

    Good day 

    It appears that when I select to print multiple copies of an invoice from the enter parameter screen it will multiply the net invoice amount based on the number of copies you select to print. Can anyone please assist? 

  • Making Credit Card Tokens work in X3?

    One of our business partners on their quest to be fully PCI Compliant will no longer be handing off credit card information to us. Instead, they will be providing us a token that is associated to a customer's credit card, and also associated to our merchant…

  • Error adding Custom Description field to BOMs and Work Order Screens


    I am trying to add a custom long description field to our Manufacturing BOM screen (BOH0) and receiving this error - 

    I've added a "Before Field" Action to the ITMREF field and added this as the script. 


  • Crystal Report to Print not displaying values, but to .pdf it will.


    It looks like when I print directly from X3 to the printer I'm not getting my net invoice amount, it appears as #########, but if I do a .pdf preview it is there.  Any suggestions? 

  • Looking for the sales FOB field in sage x3

    Good day everyone, I am looking for the sales FOB field in sage x3. If there is no field in x3, is there a column in sql? So far I have been unsuccessful in finding said field. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. 
    Thank you in advance!

  • Purchase Receipts: Show PO on left list

    Is it possible to add the PO number to the purchase receipts left list?

    I've tried adding "PRECEIPTD" PO number to this left list object "PRECEIPT" but everything I've tried did not work. I'm assuming I need to add an automatic link but the expressions…

  • Switching between edit and read only Mode with global variable GCONSULT

    Hello everyone,

    For our customer we developed a specific screen to manage plans.

    In order to edit a plan the user has to press a check out button.

    The user who checked out the plan can modify the plan.

    In the FILTRE action we use the global Variable GCONSULT…

  • ADC location override

    So I have been presented with an interesting challenge.

    In our company we've set X3 to batch allocate all available stock to meet all demand in the system.

    We also heavily leverage X3's ADC functionality.
    Our warehouse users are able to override…

  • Audit Reports

    If Sage x3 Doesn't have a SOC 1 report than can we get something alternative to this.

    As SOC1 report is mandate to get the change management authorized. 

  • Canadian Legislation

    Has anyone used KCA (Canadian Localization) recently? I know there is a KB that says KCA is not a proper legislation to use in X3 and KUS (US Legislation) should be used by both Canadian and US companies, the KB is as follows: