• Web Scheduling (Connection Error - Notification Engine channel is not responding to client requests)


    I am having issue with sedApta Web Scheduling's Web Scheduling website.

    On login, I receive this error with a notification like so:

    How to resolve this?

    Few information from my side

    Web Scheduling is in a separate server than Sage X3.



    hello team, I have two questions about exploiting web scheduling:

    +when I make a quantity modification on a production order in the web scheduling: will the modified quantity be changed in sage x3 during the data export.

    + in the new version of web…

  • Problème importation de x3 vers web scheduling

    lors de l'importation de "plant" de sage x3 vers web scheduling via Analytics j'ai rencontré un problème dans le fichier FR012.json "{ "repos": [invalid authentication method: bearer]}"


  • Web Scheduling FAQ

    Working with Web Scheduling with X3 for awhile now , I'd like to share four of the most common items we've encounted . I hope these insights can help everyone with learning the tool

    1) Is the WebScheduling URL CASE sensitive?
    Yes, it is absolutely…

  • WebScheduling 2016 SP9 Update6


    Is there any news about Webscheduling new release?

    We had some issue with update 5 and sedapta said 2 weeks ago  a new version should be released soon (this week).

    We need to install a new server and it's mandatory for us to have the last version…

  • upgrade Web_Scheduling_2016_SP9_UP4_1 issues (web service stopped)

    I am upgrading the new version of SedApta Web Scheduling,all installation procedures are fine and no error messages.

    Restart the VM and logon Web Scheduling with MODX3, it pops up " Unable to reach Web Scheduler Service, check Web.config connection…

  • Where to download Web Scheduling for Sage X3 version 12 patch 24?

    Hi Sage Colleagues, 

    Would you please point me to the direction of where I can download "Web Scheduling" or what it is its KB ID number in Sage KB please?