• Import transfert inter-site


    Pourriez vous m'aider à automatiser le transfert intersite sur sage X3 en passant par des imports ou autre solutions.


  • Inventory Replenishment

    Has anyone out there started using Sage X3 inventory replenishment functions from scratch. We are not using this function in any way at the current time, but we would like to start investigating it. Does anyone have any advice or overall tips to point…

  • Best Practice: Recurring Tasks

    I am seeking best practices as it pertains to recurring tasks. Has anyone built a way to schedule recurring tasks based on criticality and dependency? The common theme here seems to be related to it takes too much time or it never completes. In theory…

  • Illegal Character syntax error during copy folder on enterprise management

    Hello everyone.   Please help. 

    I get the error message when copy folder through enterprise management. 

    The warning message : 

    Folder Creation TEST1 (destination folder) 

    <0001 @X3.TRT/AINSTCONS$adx (584) Error 5 : Illegal Character syntax error in 'dim(…

  • Sage x3 Account payable API

    I am new to Sage X3 and I need API for the account payable module. Can anyone help me providing the exact link to that module ?

    BdV en Linea

  • error- PAYLOT- record already exists

    I'm really hoping someone can help with this issue.  A user is receiving the below error creating a payment however she has created payments in past and she is entering the asterisk on the Batch field so a new batch record is created but seems to be…

  • entry batch counter

    I'm looking for where the Entry Batch counter is configured.  As mentioned in previous question we are having issue with duplicate entry batch record being locked.  If anyone knows would appreciate assistance.  thank you

  • Delete/insert lines with SOAP web service


    I don't understand how to set up the parameters to insert and delete lines via web service; actually, I can't find much on those parameters in general (their definition, when should I use which, etc). A simple example would do the job as well, I can…

  • macOS / M1 / aarch64 / arm64/ Plugin Eclipse Sage X3

    Hi Everyone,

    Anyone had success running Eclipse arm64 binary version on Mac M1 

    I got the latest stable build of Eclipse for arm64 : eclipse-SDK-4.24M1-macosx-cocoa-aarch64.dmg 

     Runs fine

     Was able to install the Eclipse plugin

    However. Connecting to X3…

  • PO's payment date

    Is there a way to obtain the PO's payment date before the invoice has been created?  I'm looking to pull the payment date onto an open PO report for analysis but it seems the only way is after the invoice has been created and the GACCDUDATE record…

  • Deleting Products

    Hello community,

    We're having an issue deleting products. Made sure to delete the associated Route and BOM, but receiving the below error. I also went to the product cost the error is referring to but did not see anywhere that would be linked.


  • Hash SHA256


    I'm writing a script to get results from a REST API.

    To run this script, i have to put a header that is encrypted in sha256

    Is there any method implemented in SageX3 to hash my content in sha256?


  • Where do we submit issues with the field help?

    I am a huge fan of using X3's Field Help and Function Help. It doesn't always have the answer I need, but has proven very useful over the years. However, I'm sick of finding various help articles that haven't been updated. I went to all those Sage Summits…

  • Purge zero lots

    I plan to use function Zero lots (FUNSTPL). I run the function in simulation mode and compared the generated log file with entries in STOCK table. 

    There were some entries that are still in stock. 

    How the function actually works? It is described - that…

  • online sharing of documents in X3

    Is there any function within X3 enabling online document sharing? I would like to share an excel file with other users somewhere in X3 and have online edition for everyone. Same as in Sharepoint.

    Have anyone an idea how to do it?

  • Eclipse - Connection Issue


    I got an update on my Eclipse installation to the last version 2021-06.

    Since that, i cannot connect to any X3 folder.

    I get the this error :

    I don't know if it's Eclipse related or X3 plugin

    Can you look at it?

    Thank you

  • RFQ Responses - X3

    Good Afternoon,

    I am wondering if there is someone well versed in the RFQ module of X3; specifically in regards to responses?

    My question is...am I missing a secret way to enter more than one response at time and one vendor at a time?  Seems to me that…

  • SQL Query Tool

    Where's a good resource to learn more about this? I used SQL years ago but curious about the specifics for the X3 tool.

  • Batch server difference between U9 and V11/V12


    I'm curious to know what is the main reason to change the batch server from the application server to the syracuse server level. 

    Any idea about the advantage or the improvement reason behind this major modification ?

    Can we always check by…

  • Anyone have any tips or tricks on writing SQL views for x3?

    Trying to create a view using the GAUTRCVCR table to pull the details from the tracking records on journal entries.  One of the keys is the product ID number.  

  • Error 20 File Non-existent when purging trace files

    Hi everyone,

    I met the below error when trying to purge trace files (ATRACE).

    Error 20 File Non-existent

    Error [email protected]/eputra$adx Line number 33 

    Could you please advise me how to fix it?

    Thanks !

  • Eclipse error during "attach to process" operation

    Hi, I've a problem with the configuration of Eclipse, to debug Sage X3 programs.

    I downloaded Eclipse Indigo, as suggested by the support center.

    I set up both Eclipse and Sage user for connect the IDE with the client. I chose the port 10000, and…

  • Reference in Pharma or Cosmetics sector


    For our customer who is considering the implementation of the production module, I`m looking for a reference in the Pharmaceutical or Cosmetic sector.

    The best would be an official reference. The customer must have implemented the Distribution or…

  • Deferred Deletion - Removing some deletion requests

    Hi all,

    I want to remove permanently certain deletion requests from the deletion queue (Navigate: Development—->Utilities—->Miscellaneous—->Deletions) because those were made by users by mistake.

    I tried deleting a request then…

  • Conditional Style in Delivery Grid

    I am trying to get certain fields to change colors when the quantity being shipped is less than the quantity ordered. I am comparing screen values to SO values. It doesn't link the delivery line back to the proper SO line, so my formula only works on…