• Record Locking Report

    Hi Guys,

    We have a requirement which I am hoping that someone might have seen before and have a solution.

    In essence, we need to be able to produce a report that shows which sales orders are locked by which user and which delivery route.

    Currently the…

  • Work Order- what batches were consumed?

    Is there a report or query to find out what batches were consumed for a work order?  I cannot seem to find an easy way to obtain this information.  



  • Purchase payment


    Please should be informed that I have a script on a décisionnel tool which by it I can retrieve order receipt information my purpose is : is it possible to get invoice informations and the bank check  details which are associated to the order…

  • Availability - Inventory aging report on sage x3

    Hi all, 

    Could you kindly let know how to run a inventory aging report on sage X3 ?

    The option in which it can be accessed or kindly let know if its not available and a customised report has to be developed.

    Much appreciate and thanks in advance.


  • Stock internal documents and labeling print Reports [Released, Rejected]


    How can edit these reports for internal documents we are using this labels in quality control

    SageX3 v12

    there are some screens for more information 


    Please Help.

  • Report Results

    I run this report it shows just 100 record and I have more record how can I show more than 100 record, please help. 

  • Statistical groups vs customer report

    I made this report, all setup is good and link expression fine, put I didn't got any information from running this report, please help  

  • Error 504 - Database logon failed while printing reports


    I have integrated a patch of crystal report to my folder, the integration is completed successfully. However, when running the report, I go the error of missing parameters:

    Job 3 - ERR 504 coming from the edition server : Error induced by the print…


    Can some shed some light on how the table TMPBLA is populated to derive NA-TRLBAL?

  • Limit user to access certain reports

    We will have the need to only allow 2 users access a few customized reports and nothing else.  No other functions but these crystal reports.

    Is this possible?  I don't believe can use access code because then would require the access code to be on EVERY…

  • How can i get dimension on financials with FDE?

    On the print selection grid in FDE there is a selection to include dimensions in the financials.    I have tried it on two system and it does not appear to cause the dimension values to print.

    I found an article in the kbase that says "Can Dimensions…

  • Rename report previews


    I would like a report to have a specific name when it is previewed by a user. Is this possible?
    Currently the PDF has the name as  the report.

    I know it's possible to save the file in a folder with a specific name thanks to script, but I want to…

  • stock valuation report with version management

    We are having issues with the stock valuation report for a client on V12.

    The client uses version management.

    Everything else works and respect the versions but it looks like the standard stock valuation report does not respect the actual version of the…

  • Print Server service not starting when configured on gMSA account


    I have taken over infrastructure with misconfigured - but running - Sage x3 v12 installation. I am trrying to run PrintServer on the same machine Sage app is installed. Service app version is My goal is to use networked printers from central…

  • Negative stock balance and amount in Stock Valuation Report

    Hello Guys,

    I have a question regarding the processing of the Stock Valuation Report.

    When I take a Warehouse-wise Stock Report upon entering a back date on the Stock Valuation Report, the Quantity and Amount is displayed as a Negative Value. But in reality…

  • Statistical Groups

    What are the key differenced analytics wise between Statistical Groups and Dimensions?  What kind of reporting can you do using one vs. the other?  

  • Supplier Lists - Active vs Inactive

    How would I get a list (preferably exported to Excel) of BP Suppliers?

    Even better if they can be separated Active vs Inactive.


  • Rename batch task output


    I'm using X3 V12 and I'm trying to create a batch recurring task in order to print every night all the invoices of the day.

    However, right now the task only creates a pdf file with the same name as the report.

    How can I dynamically change…

  • What date in X3 will tell me when a shipment was validated?

    I assumed that the STOJOU table will be the best place to look, and I'm currently looking at the CREMVTDAT field, but I just wanted to see if that is correct, or should I be using something else ? 

  • Automatically print a report in a network directory


    I would like to be able to automatically generate invoice in PDF format in a specific directory right after validating it.

    I was thinking of using "Call ETAT(ZINVOICE,PDF) From AIMP3" and EXEBOUT in my invoice script (SPESIH)

    Where ZINVOICE…

  • ZPL List "cuting" my file


    I need help, i'm creating a PAT file using openo and wrseq with some ZPL code, that file is then called by a Report wich has been created using a ZPL list.

    The PAT file is created without any problem, but when i call the report the .DATA is generated…

  • How do I print a list of the invoices paid by a specific check?

    I just want a way to reprint the remittance. I can't find a report or screen to show me all the invoice numbers on a check, just a listing of the PINs that I can drill back to. Any suggestions?

  • Reports printing with smaller font in PDF


    When i try to print a report via PDF, the font is smaller than if i do it directly to a printer.

    I don't know why this happens, the report is the same for the 2 options. Shouldn't the final document be the same for the 2 options?


  • AP / AR Aging Report Shows Fully Applied Invoices


    When i run the aged trial balance it shows fully applied invoices and payments. It is matched already and customer wants to see only outstanding documents. Are there any way to remove all applied documents from aging reports.


  • Purchase Order Report

    Good morning All, 

    I was asked to take a look in the system and determine if there was a purchase order report that would only show those that have had a revision.  I didn't see anything in the queries that would allow me to start with 'all' purchase orders…