• Global Allocation at Lot Level, Instead of Product Level

    Is it possible to configure Sage X3 to enable Global Allocation behavior but specified by Lot instead of Product? e.g. If global allocation worked as it should for our business, which is a fluid process production setup, we would globally allocate a product…

  • What mechanism sets price for Intersite Orders?

    Hello All,

    Encountering something in our Sage X3 setup that I'm having trouble hunting down the source for. We have some Inter-site orders between us and some distribution companies. For this transaction, we want the gross price to be set to 0 automatically…

  • Soap Service Authentication

    I am testing connecting to the SOAP Web Service via a .NET application and all attempted requests get a 405 Method Not Found response. I think this may be because i am using basic authentication which is no longer an option for the SOAP service?

    The guide…

  • Print server not parameterized for the current application


    I have an issue of setting print server for destination on my new folder created as bellow

    I don't know why in other folder my print destination was set up similarly & it has no issue when printing


    Given that the 2 folders are located…

  • Ignore Certain Field Changes for Retriggering Purchase Order Signature Workflow Circuit

    I am trying to configure the purchase order sigature workflow in Sage X3 v12 so that the signature circuit is not retriggered when certain fields are retriggered.

    For the custom fields in the grid on POH2 I have added an after change action of PAMAPPFLG…


    Good day

    Our process work as follow:

    Create purchase request for asset purchase (NB: Clerks and approvers don't know the asset group. Therefore a generic product code is used, and it is assigned to a general account called "Capex")

    The purchase…

  • Import transfert inter-site


    Pourriez vous m'aider à automatiser le transfert intersite sur sage X3 en passant par des imports ou autre solutions.


  • Will Sage X3 prevent the issuance of product in a 'Q' status to a work order?

    We have product in a Q5 sub-status that operators are able to issue to work orders. They can do this regardless of whether or not they have the STOADMIN parameter set to Yes or No. One caveat is that this product doesn't have a Quality Analysis against…


    Good day

    I want to calculated tax in a journal automatically based on the tax code in the journal e.g.

    I enter account no e.g 102, I enter amount e.g. 115, and I enter tax code, which is 15% tax. The system must split the 115 amount between account…

  • Syracuse Untrusted Host

    Good day

    We have upgraded a client from V12 patch 19 to patch 30. The upgrade was fine but now I cannot link a SSL certificate on the new Syracuse.

    They are running Syracuse 12.5.0 after the upgrade. I get an 'untrusted host' error.

    On the…

  • Sale Quote currency vs Sales Order currency


    I have the following case from the business point of view:

    Sales quote is created in EUR ( currency) -> After validation, the sales quote is transformed in sales order using USD (currency )  at a certain exchange rate.

    Specifically, no price…

  • Using Outlook wrt New email client for Sage X3 workflow notifications post.

  • Security needed to use Copy in GESANM

    What security is needed for a user to use the copy feature in the GESANM function to copy sequences from one folder to another.
    I have a user that tries to copy from our test folder to our PRD folder and gets an error saying
    "Folder PRD Access Error to…

  • PJM Financial Overview - Cost Type Issue from PO Transactions


    Has anyone experience an issue where PO transactions are showing under the Site as opposed to the Cost type related to each item on the PO in the Financial Overview screen?

    As per the example below, the Commitment amount of 8k from the PO is displayed…

  • Inventory Replenishment

    Has anyone out there started using Sage X3 inventory replenishment functions from scratch. We are not using this function in any way at the current time, but we would like to start investigating it. Does anyone have any advice or overall tips to point…

  • Invoice Entry / Supplier Info: Default line entry legal / department field

    Hello - is there a way to set a default for the Line Detail Legal and Department fields per Supplier? 

    For instance, we code 98% of all invoices to Supplier XYZ to 45100-700.
    Is there a way to set that as the default to prepopulate any time we enter an…

  • Remit to NAME vs Remit to ADDRESS

    Hi - we have several suppliers that have one W9 name / address with several divisions - different payee names and addresses.

    Can someone tell me which field determines the Payee name on the check?  I can get the address to change but cannot figure out…

  • Turning off 'Ship to' location

    Good Morning,

    On our purchase orders, in the upper part of the body, we have a 'ship to' location that is populated by the 'address' field at the line level of the PO.  It works nicely when bringing in product or having it free-issued to…

  • Best Practice: Recurring Tasks

    I am seeking best practices as it pertains to recurring tasks. Has anyone built a way to schedule recurring tasks based on criticality and dependency? The common theme here seems to be related to it takes too much time or it never completes. In theory…

  • Payment Proposals: Saving the Results

    Hi - when I create a Payment Proposal, is it possible to save the results?  I know how to create a memo to recall saved criteria.  However, I spend a lot of time picking thru the Proposal and then send it off for approval.  As far as I can tell, I would…

  • Dark mode for Eclipse

    Hi, I am trying to enable dark mode on Eclipse, but I can't find how to change the colour of text from black to white. I can change the colour of special charachters (keywords, labels, strings..) but I find no option for the rest...so, in the end, I come…

  • GUSER in Sage X3 workflow

    I have done a workflow to email purchase orders. I want to send a copy to the SageX3 user's email as well.

    The email is going out fine to the supplier, but fails to send the copy to the user. This is because its adding the user code (parenthesis)…

  • Creating Sage X3 Alerts

    Hi team,

    I want to create a rule where Sage X3 will either be notifying or prohibit user from proceeding when they want to create a quotation for a supplier who has reached a certain credits amount (to be agreed) ie has several outstanding invoices which…

  • Forgot to check Material Tracking in Prod. Tracking

    Having issue closing work order because I didn't check Material tracking during production tracking process so there is no record of component being consumed.

    how can I track this after production tracking?  Should I just force the close of the work…

  • Illegal Character syntax error during copy folder on enterprise management

    Hello everyone.   Please help. 

    I get the error message when copy folder through enterprise management. 

    The warning message : 

    Folder Creation TEST1 (destination folder) 

    <0001 @X3.TRT/AINSTCONS$adx (584) Error 5 : Illegal Character syntax error in 'dim(…