Login - Sage X3 V6.5 - problems logging in.

Hi There,

We're new to the x3 community and still in the process of implementing the erp.

When we login via web, we see 2 tabs:

1) new browser

2) browser tab

*self explanatory.

For some reason, the new browser which i'm used to and like will not take me to the login page when i click on the link for PILOT.  The browser tab, lets me login just fine, except I cannot open up a new session or print any reports.

This issue seems to be only on my computer.  

I have already gone to internet options \ security tab \ trusted site and put in the ip address in.  The securtiy level is also set to low and I have turned off all pop up blockers in custom level setting as well as privacy tab.

I used to be able to login fine.  Not sure what settings were changed.

Can someone help please?