Inventory Replenishment

Has anyone out there started using Sage X3 inventory replenishment functions from scratch. We are not using this function in any way at the current time, but we would like to start investigating it. Does anyone have any advice or overall tips to point me in the right direction of where to start?

  • What function are you refering to specifically ?  We are using FUNCALREO if you are curious about that one.

  • At this point I have FUNCALREO pulled up. The problem is trying to find info on how to learn about this without having to pull in a Sage advisor in anyway. Are there any videos. work instructions, etc?

  • So Funcalreo requires three things to happen:

    1. Your location's location type needs to be set to "replenish"
    2. You set the replenishments in the location record.  For assignments to be set at the location of what product, minimum quantity you want to be stored at that location (in the location record), and at what quantity/stock unit you are willing to move to satisfy that limit.  (such as, I'm willing to do a stock movement of 1 piece to make sure we are above that limit... or I will only do a stock movement of 1 box even if that means I have to wait a bit till I go low enough on my minimum stock level)
    3. Then you need to run that function FUNCALREO whenever you want to replenish the location.  I created a crystal report that pulls what X3 determined needed to be replenned based on the rules you set from the STOREO table, and then joined it with my stock records to see where I could move product from to replen from.

    I hope this helps! 

  • Oh my gosh, you're awesome! I have a further question which I will try to get to the point. We've had Sage for 3 and a half years. We're not harnessing a lot of the functions out of box (like this example) I have been tasked with a warehouse optimization project, and one of them (sub-project) is this (replenish) or at least I want to pitch it to my superiors. The problem is I have no idea of the work scope this will entail. Do you have any idea of the work scope and timeframe. I know that's a loaded question. I trying to put a project together for this but don't know where to begin. 

  • It really depends on how many locations you have... we started using this about three years ago after re-organized our warehouse.

    we zoned out areas and determined how we wanted the product to flow.  so we only have the replen set up for 2 of the zones as that is where we pick loose pieces or pre-packed boxes for shipments.  the rest is "bulk" or a "misc" type area.  the report reflects that I won't replen from a loose piece area to a loose piece area, etc...

    then you need to organize what products go where.... so like we put our high flying products in the middle level racks, so that people on waves don't need to get off, or go up to pick the more "popular" products.  now we have not done a good job of reassessing this on a twice a year cadence... but yeah you may need to reshuffle things.

    then you determine what is the physical space you want to take up for a product.  our loose pieces fit in a tote that is a standard size, and logically we only wanted one product id in a location... so it's one location per width of the tote.

    then you set the assignments per location.  now you can list multiple products in that area and still just have the location type be "single" so that you don't mix products up... or you can just replen a bunch of products to a specific location.

    then you update process maps, create sops, create the reports, train and implement.

    you can see if people are using the process by using the create date in the storeo table... it clears the table and repopulates it for the locations within the scope of the function, so the create date should be pretty recent.