Best Practice: Recurring Tasks

I am seeking best practices as it pertains to recurring tasks. Has anyone built a way to schedule recurring tasks based on criticality and dependency? The common theme here seems to be related to it takes too much time or it never completes. In theory you would need to know and understand just how long a task takes to complete in order to properly set the times etc... We built a report in SEI which list all the parameters of the tasks etc... because we have over 185 tasks and yes this is far too many! I would like to know if there is a way to flag a task non-critical and if the system is constrained just don't run the non-critical task of course without someone having to go into SAGE and shut the task down. Tasks like allocations in my mind are not critical if a PC planner or shipping agent can just hit the allocation button etc... yet they are clogging the system. I guess what i am asking is, are there best practices and is there already a list if you will of task dependencies? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

  • Hi Heather,

    To get the discussion started...The first thing might be to get with your users and find out what each task means to them. Why are they running it and why does it have to run that often or at that time? What is the advantage to them of running the task as a recurring task and not running it manually?

    Also, what version and service patch are you currently on?

  • Hi. We are on V12 patch 27. I have been asking the business for the dependencies in some cases they can provide. In others they come to "us" to solve. We only recently upgraded from V9 to V12 and very simply copied what was in V9. Sadly we are plagued with performance issues in V12 overall and recurring tasks was one of my staring points. My intent was to see if there were any best practices out there already as to avoid recreating the wheel if you will. lol Thank you for your reply!