No data in GACCTMP

Good day

We have an issue where no transaction is written to the GACCTMP table.

Any transaction that we try to post in Sage gives an error and the process stops. When I look at GACCTMP I see no record in this table.

I have tested Purchase Invoices, Sales Invoices, AP/AR Invoices, and Payments. All have the same issue.



  • >>Sage gives an error and the process stops

    What is the error?  

  • Hi Chris

    Also, what version and patch level are you on? Fixes and enhancements are added in patches and may impact the behavior of the product.

    When an X3 posting process runs into an error, it rolls back the journal entry piece and leaves nothing in the GL related temp tables. If you want to see what the journal would "look like" you would need to run GTEST. GTEST puts the posting into a debug state and allows you to see what the debits and credits would be. See knowledgebase article 16796. 

    You also can utilize User parameters: ACESIMTRC - Simulated entry generation. See the blog Preview of coming transactions for instructions on how to use this function to review postings.

    There are times when the process fails before the transaction gets to the creation of the journal and a different tool for troubleshooting would be required.

    As Stephen mentioned, what is the error message?