Purchase Order Report

Good morning All, 

I was asked to take a look in the system and determine if there was a purchase order report that would only show those that have had a revision.  I didn't see anything in the queries that would allow me to start with 'all' purchase orders and use criteria to filter down to only those with a revision.  I did find a report that would print all PO's in a range but nothing for revision.

The only way I was able to see this was to use the 'advanced selection' tool (while in the purchase order screen), select 'REVNUM'; greater than '0', which returns a filtered list...is there a way to export this filtered list?

Hoping there is a solution that is actually there already and not something we have to custom create!

  • Hi Carl,

    There isn't a way to export the left list.  You can 

    1. Press F6 (or Esc + F6) to identify the screen code for the screen you're wanting more information about.
    2. Go into Development, Screens, Screens (GESAMK).
    3. Pull up the screen code, and look for the Fields tab for the OBJET.  The value is usually the object name.
    4. Go into Development, Screens, Object (GESAOB).
    5. Go into the Selection tab.  Note the Table and Field columns.  You can use this to pull these values from SQL to export or copy/paste into Excel or you can create a Query tool under Setup, Usage, Reports.

    Under Reports, Reports, there is Report code PORDERCO (Open orders listing) which allows you to select Revision number ranges. The reports can be exported to Excel.

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