Find Elimanated record

Hello evrybody,

In an intercompany flow, when the sales invoice is produced, the purchase invoice is produced and referred on the sales invoice.

However, there are some sales invoices that are not refered in the purchase invoice.

Within the purchase invoice function, in the object, I look for supplier invoices and there I can find the sales invoices that do not have the reference

The thing is that when I want to record the purchase invoice that are linked to the sales invoice, it appears the following message...pls see photo

This invoice does not exist, it has been erased.

What shall I do?

I just want to vinculated them properly

Awful thanks to anyone that answers me.

  • Hello , if you have not done so already, I would suggest opening a support ticket with your local sage support group. The message appears to be a warning and typically warnings do not prevent something from happening but "warn" you of something that may appear incorrect. It might be worth having a Sage support group check it out.

  • Hi Ricardo,

    Even if the invoice doesn't exist, the invoice number may still be in the BPRVCR (Supplier doc no field of another invoice. You can create an Advanced Selection in the right box under SELECTION where your BPRVCR is in the Fields column and Values is your invoice number. My invoice is 856. Anything with that invoice # in the Supplier doc. no. will appear in the left list. In my example the invoice is 856.

    If you want to add the Supplier doc no as a permanent column in the left list, check out the blog When a supplier calls… for an example on how to it.

    If this resolves your issue, please mark this as a Verified answer.