Workflow rules: mail notification after create QC analysis requests


Im looking for solution to create Worfkflow rule/Notification that will return email after create "Analysis requests" from production declaration or receipts.

Everything what i get so far is email notification only from modification or closing the QC request.

Any ideas how to fix that?


  • In my experience with workflows, I have found that "Create" triggers never work when the record is created in the background by the system which is the case when things like QC records (or for example sales invoices created in batch). This seems to only be kicked off when a user hits "Create" on that record. I'd recommend a workbench type scenario on the lab's home page-- like a Query that is published so they can click the QC record and it takes them to it and then they can do their work from there and they work off that workbench,

  • thanks for reply- yes that would make more sense and be more efficient.  Now just need to figure out how to configure.  thanks again.  :-)

  • It is because the QC records is not being created by the Supervisor, but it is created in the STKLIB library as a secondary function to the triggering entry being created (Stock change, Production Declaration, Misc. Receipt). If you have some development experience, then you can make use of entry point BEFWRIQLH located in STKLIB to trigger a workflow. The entry point is called every time a new QC record header is created.