Customer Parent/Child relationship

Hello Team,

Could you clarify, is it possible to create the customer Parent/Child relationship in Sage X3?

If yes, could you provide screenshots on how to do it?

  • The closest thing we have come up with is using the "Group Customer" field (BPCGRU).  Not sure what type of reporting/function you need - but I created a few simple crystal reports for our needs.

  • Hi Andrew,

    You can use of the following fields on the customer screen to define relationships:

    * Bill-to customer: the entity that will receive the invoices (from what the cutomer ordered)

    * Pay-by customer: the entity that will pay those invoices

    * Group customer: that's used normally for reporting purposes or statistics

    * Risk customer: used to calculate the aggregate risk of that customer.

    A typical situation where you used those fields would be something like a chain, with each shop ordering separately, and the bill going to the regional headquarters, and then paid by the central headquarter.

    Hope it helps!