YOUR Manufacturing Partner Recommendations

Calling all Sage X3 USERS! I am in the process of evaluating Sage X3 for my organization and am interested in finding the best partner for our business. If you have a company similar to ours, which I’ve detailed below, and are more than satisfied with your partner’s performance and willing to share who you’ve utilized, I would love to hear from you!

 Some background:

We are a nutraceutical supplement manufacturer that also uses 3rd parties for manufacturing processes at times. We procure many of the materials ourselves and generate our of BOMs and Production Orders in-house and may send to third parties who charge a tolling fee. We are following GMP guidelines and are FDA compliant, therefore QC is imperative. We need solid production planning and scheduling implemented as well as license plate barcoding in our warehouses. We will be operating with 3 separate divisions within the system and require a robust intercompany solution.

We are also interested in the potential of implementing certain features/modules slowly over time instead of all at once. This circumstance isn’t necessary for reaching out, but if it was something you did or were thinking of doing, I’d love to hear about that decision making as well.

If you are a partner, please do NOT reach out. I would like a first-hand response from satisfied users on a manufacturing partner that has met or exceeded the needs that my business requires.

I greatly look forward to hearing from you and any recommendations you may have.

  • I will say that I think X3 would be a really good solution based on what you are describing. We have 18 legal entities, many of which do business with each other, and the functionality for intercompany is extensive.

    We use subcontracting as well in X3 and the functionality is impressive. 

    I suspect you will need Procession (an add-on) which is geared toward chemical manufacturers but has a lot of features that would like benefit you (like QC, formulations, etc) 

    I do not have a strong recommendation for a consultant, though. Sorry.

  • Thanks for the information Christy. Yes, we are confident that X3 is a great option for us, but the biggest challenge that i can foresee is the overall design and implementation, and that's why we'll want a partner with extensive knowledge and a background in manufacturing.

  • In what region are you based? I know of manufacturing experts in USA & Australia.

  • We are also a nutraceutical manufacturer using Sage X3.  We use the Procession add on that Christy mentions and I suspect you will want it as well.  We also have Datalinx for warehouse management.  Our partner is the The Answer Company ( based in Vancouver BC. We have been working with them for years and they have alot of X3 experience.

  • Hey Lachlan. Based on the East coast in the USA. Again, looking for a Sage X3 partner with a deep manufacturing knowledge that could help us with the needs listed above. Intercompany solutions are a huge plus.