U9 to V12 Data Migration - Folder Validation in V12 runs "Dictionary Update Utilities" and deletes data types, screens, etc.

During folder validation after importing U9 data to V12 something called "Dictionary Update Utilities" run and delete some of the following: data types, screens, tables etc.  How can I prevent this from deleting these items?

  • I think you need to assign activity codes to protect modifications from deletion.  I know i forgot to do this on a field once and lost it during the process. 

    I tried to find an explanation but didn't find much.

    Activity codes that are customizations or for verticals start with X, Y, or Z, indicating they are considered non-standard and are not affected by patching.   Activity codes starting with  X is for vertical add ins, Y is for business partner or Sage PSG group changes and Z is for customer changes.

    Found this... from a presentation I think at the Sage X3 meeting in 2020.  It was called Managing Customizations.   Not mine to distribute but maybe someone at Sage has it. 

    • Protect and Identify your customizations
    • Keep updates and patches from overwriting your changes
    • Search utility to find customizations
    • Also used to disable customizations or for array sizing
    • Naming conventions to follow
    • Names can be up to 5 characters
    • Must begin with X, Y or Z
    • X – Add-ons (Sage R&D, Partner or ISV created – when assigned by Sage)
    • Y – Partner created customizations
    • Z – Customer created customizations
  • Thanks for this info Stephen, unfortunately in my case, the data types, etc. which are being deleted during folder validation, are indeed protected with activity codes.

  • Sounds a bit of a strange issue, so would suggest you raise this with Sage Support for more detailed review