Deleting Sage X3 folder from database

Dear Fellows,

As you may all know that when you delete a folder in X3 it will not be deleted from database with all its references which will eventually increase your database size, and therefore i created an sql procedure that safely delete the folder from database and would like to share it with you.

Sage X3 delete folder.docx  

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  • As you know each folder creates a schema within the SQL database. i.e. SEED, X3, Company name etc. However,  within your code, there is nowhere to state which folder schema you are deleting. 

    I can see some @FolderName, [Name] lines, and some ' + Schema_Name' entries, but there is nothing here that implicitly declares the actual folder schema you want to remove.

  • Oooh i see now what you mean, will actually the schema name is always the same as the foldername so I use the folder name as the schema name.

  • So I take it I need to change this:

     SELECT @SQL =  


          CASE WHEN SO.type=''PK'' THEN '' ALTER TABLE ''+SCHEMA_NAME(SO.schema_id)+''.''+OBJECT_NAME(SO.parent_object_id)+'' DROP CONSTRAINT ''+

               WHEN SO.type=''U'' THEN '' DROP TABLE ''+SCHEMA_NAME(SO.schema_id)+''.''+ SO.[Name]

               WHEN SO.type=''V'' THEN '' DROP VIEW  ''+SCHEMA_NAME(SO.schema_id)+''.''+ SO.[Name]

               WHEN SO.type=''P'' THEN '' DROP PROCEDURE  ''+SCHEMA_NAME(SO.schema_id)+''.''+ SO.[Name]         

               WHEN SO.type=''TR'' THEN ''  DROP TRIGGER  ''+SCHEMA_NAME(SO.schema_id)+''.''+ SO.[Name]

               WHEN SO.type  IN (''FN'', ''TF'',''IF'',''FS'',''FT'') THEN '' DROP FUNCTION  ''+SCHEMA_NAME(SO.schema_id)+''.''+ SO.[Name]

                       WHEN SO.type=''SO'' THEN ''  DROP SEQUENCE  ''+SCHEMA_NAME(SO.schema_id)+''.''+ SO.[Name]


    The SO.[Name] to be the schema name, as in SO.SEED

  • Sorted. Changed the @Foldername to be the schema name, and that cleared everything down. Tested on a VM, so all good.

    Thanks Sahem