Can someone provide step by step on setting up workflow or notification in sagex3. I looked online and could not find anything. I just want to start from the basic like a PO is created, it needs to be approved before it is posted/finalized. Or when an GL account is made a notification is sent for the creation to happen.

  • Hullo

    So one of the best things to do with Workflows, and what I always told new users when i did training, was to "look at the existing ones" and then clone and modify them to fit your needs.

    For Purchase Orders... there is already the POHSIG workflow.  No need to recreate it from scratch.  Just turn on the APPPOH parameter for signatures, activate the workflow, and you are off to the races, with a lil more setup for who receives the emails.

    For the GL Account - you want to start with Worfklow Notifications.  those are simple, and you just go down the field in order.  You trigger off the creation of a specific object,, you send the email to the person that is supposed to receive it... create the workflow notification.. and then that will actually create a new Workflow Rule that can you customize further, if you wish.

    Hope that helps... give it a try, play around a lil... and if that doesnt help,,, talk to Sage PSG about getting the Common Tools and System Administrator courses, cause there is step by step for Workflow Notifications in one of those books i believe.

  • Thank you for much for responding. Currently the SMTP server is not installed for our server. How can I get approval going within sage. Like a PO is created someone has to approve it before it is actually created ?

  • well, you can also go client if you do not go server... or at least you could in older versions of X3...  client being "X3 sends the email via your desktop Outlook".  Have not tried it, but worth a shot for you to try and learn.

    Regarding the PO... the PO is created, but then it is placed on a hold.  if you look at the bottom of POH1 you will see a block called Status.  The 1st field is Signed, and that reflects the status of the signature.  The workflow will actually update the value of this field APPFLG.  Values 1 and 2 will basically be a hold...3-5 you are good to go.

    Also, dont forget that worfklow signatures can be managed in the Workflow Monitor function... your managers can approve or disapprove of POs in there as well.

  • The PO signature workflow is probably what you are after,

    GL accounts do not have an approval workflow however you could control the permissions on the Active flag, have them default to inactive and then only grant users who can approve the use set the flag to active.

    Notifications are orders of magnitude easier to setup, heres an example from Setup / Workflows / Notifications

  • Hi,

    Thank you for the respond. We currently do not have SMTP setup on the server so the email might now work. Let say a user created a PO in sage. Can this PO route to a user within sage as a notification or open item to approve before it goes into a creation status?

    In my past experience in a IBM software. A PO was submitted, this PO would show up as a open item in the que for a user to approve before the PO is shown as completed. 

    Please advise.