Why is the Single-lot field on the Stock resynchronization and control utility is grayed out and is it possible to enable it?

The stock resynchronization and control utility found in Stock, Utilities is used to automatically resynch or control the data found in the stock files for a single site or all sites. The utility resynchronizes the stock lines, recalculates the product-site totals, resynchronizes the analysis requests, the stock counts, the assemblies, recalculates the lot stocks, controls the FIFO stack as well as the serial numbers.

When navigating to this utility, entering a site, or check the box for All sites, sometimes the field Single-lot is grayed out and it cannot be checked like the other fields that exist on this utility.

This is because a parameter controls this field, and this parameter can be found in Setup, General parameters, Parameter values, Folder level, STO inventory chapter, MIS Miscellaneous group, FEALOTLEV (Characteristic level of lot).

If the FEALOTLEV parameter is set to Sublot, the Single-lot field on the Stoch resynch utility will be grayed out.

If the FEALOTLEV parameter is set to Lot, the Single-lot field on the Stock resynch utility will be enabled and a checkmark can be placed in the field.