How to Update the V12 PatchFinder

Hello All,

As promised, here is my next installment regarding updating the V12 PatchFinder. Please review my blog post HERE for installing the V12 PatchFinder if you have not installed the V12 PatchFinder.

Today, we will be updating from V12 PatchFinder 2021 R2 to V12 PatchFinder 2021 R3 using the Quick Update method. The quick update method simply updates the data used by the PatchFinder tool as opposed to reinstalling the application. A new JSON file will be delivered with each new Sage X3 release.

The 2021 R3 JSON file can be downloaded from KB 107253 from the Attachments section. 

Once you have your 2021 R3 JSON files downloaded on the PC where the V12 PatchFinder is installed, we would need to determine the V12 PatchFinder installation path.

If you followed the steps from my previous blog then you should have a desktop shortcut. Right-click the desktop shortcut, then select Open file location

Locate the JSON folder, this is where we would need to extract the new 2021 R3 JSON files. Copy or make note of the file directory path.

Navigate back to the directory where you downloaded the 2021 R3 JSON files (i.e., Downloads).

I will use 7-zip but any data extraction tool can be used

Copy the V12 PatchFinder directory from the previous step into the extract to field or select the browse icon to browser to V12 PatchFinder json folder

Select Ok, once you've defined your file directory to extract the contents

A Confirm File replace prompt should appear, indicating if you would like to replace the existing PF_TechnicalComponents.json file. Select Yes

Finally, we would need to access our V12 PatchFinder shortcut or close and re-open the V12 PatchFinder to refresh the data

 Verify that the 2021 R3 (12.0.27) is listed in releases under the Search Tab

Also, verify under the Technical Components Tab the release 2021 R3 (12.0.27) displays

That concludes our V12 PatchFinder journey. Installing and updating the V12 PatchFinder is simplicit but an invaluable tool nevertheless. Be sure to check KB 107253 periodically when a Sage X3 release is delivered for the latest JSON files.

Into X3........................ annnnnndddd Beyond! (side note: I'll be ending my blog posts with this corny tag moving forward Slight smile)