Are your Sage X3 blocks missing?

Are blocks missing from your screens all of a sudden?  What is a block anyway? In this blog, I will review where to check you have areas(blocks) on entry screens that are suddenly not there. Let's jump right into this. 

First, what are these blocks to which I am referring? Blocks are on all different types of screens. Blocks present related fields together in a particular area on a screen. For example, if you go to Sales Order Entry (GESSOH), here are some examples of the blocks you will see there. 

Now, let's look at an example of a block that is missing. In this example, let's look at purchase orders.  Go to Purchasing, Orders, Orders(GESPOH) and select the ALL transaction. You are entering information about a new purchase order when, under the Management section, as you move over to the right side under Transport section. Wait, what Transport section!?
Somehow that Transport section is missing! ( I added an screenshot of what the area should look like for comparison)


So, the Transport section is gone, how do we get it back? The first thing we need to know is the name of the screen where the Transport block resides. How do we find that
information? Back on the GESPOH screen, place your cursor in the Bill-by-supplier field. (Under the Management tab) Now, press ESC+F6 key

Now we know that the screen name is WE3ALL1. With this information, we will go to Development, Script Dictionary, Screens, Screens(GESAMK).  From the left list, type WE3ALL1 in the screen code column and press enter to populate the screen In the main area, scroll down to the Blocks tab, and check to see if the Transport block is set to Hidden. In our example, it is set to Hidden.

We will change this setting, and set the Transport block back to List. We do that as follows:

  1. Set the Block type to List.
  2. Click the Save icon and then click on the Validation button.

Now let's go back to GESPOH. Go back to the Management section and confirm the Transport section is back. As you will see, the Transport section is still missing! Why? This is because we have not performed the Transaction validation. In order for us to see the Transport section we need to go to Setup, Purchasing, Entry Transactions, Orders (GESPTC). Then, for each entry transaction, you will need to validate said transaction. 

Going back to GESPOH, and in the Management section, you will see the Transport section as expected. In order for the Transport block changes to take, the validation steps need to be performed in a particular order.

  1. Development, Script Dictionary, Screens, Screens(GESAMK)
  2. Setup, Purchasing, Entry Transactions, Orders (GESPTC) (For each transaction listed in your environment)

If you ever find a block missing on an X3 screen, you have learned where to check and how to correct it.  Always keep in mind to test any steps in a non-production environment.  Be sure that after validation, the results are what is expected.